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Dantherm AC-M10 – container cooler
Dantherm AC-M10 – container cooler

AC-M10 – container cooler

Container coolers

The AC-M10 is designed for window mounting in ISO containers. Together with the trap door system, the air conditioner is mounted in the container wall. It is designed to store within the confinement of the ISO corners of the container during transportation or storage. The AC-M10 is sliding in its trap door system and is deployed from the container for operation.

The AC-M10 has no fresh-air intake and is fully CBRN/COLPRO compliant.


Key features

  • Manufactured from hot dip galvanized and powder coated steel sheet
  • NATO green BS381C285, optional colours on request
  • Delivers cooling in ambient temperatures up to +60°C
  • Full CBRN/COLPRO compliance (no fresh air intake)
  • Trap door acts as an airtight boundary to ambient environment during operation and transportation
  • Scroll compressor for high degree of reliability and low noise
  • Integrated over-pressure prevention
  • Easy-to-operate temperature control ensures compliance with EMC military standard
  • Two speed selector for the internal fan
  • PPL 15 filtering recirculated air within the shelter
  • Quick trap door mounting using a forklift or crane
  • ErP 2015 compliant

The function of the AC-M10 is based on a cooling circuit with two powerful fans. The evaporator (inside the container) section contains the evaporator core and a radial fan, which cycles the warm internal air from the shelter through the cold evaporator core and expels the cooled air through the discharge grill.

The condenser (outside the container) section contains the condenser core and an axial fan, which is moving the heat from the internal air to the outside atmosphere.

Product specifications

Registered NSN number


Operating temperature range, cooling

-20 – +60

Operating temperature range, heating

-32 – +20

Air flow


Sound level @ 1.5m


Protection class




Nominal cooling capacity


Cooling capacity 35°C outdoor/ 25°C indoor


Heating capacity (optional)


Power supply


Max. running current


Locked rotor amperage (LRA)


Max. power consumption cooling



BS285 ( NATO green)

Product size (h x l x w)

800 x 860 x 800



Accessories and consumables

Dantherm Welding frame 111536
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Product code: 111536

Accessory for AC-M10

Dantherm Door and mounting kit 322049
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Product code: 322049

Accessory for AC-M10

Dantherm Trap door frame 322048
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Product code: 322048

Accessory for AC-M10

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