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DH 75-110

Floor-standing swimming pool and commercial dehumidifiers

DH 75-110 are floor-standing high performance and high capacity dehumidifiers. With high moisture extraction for low energy use, as well as being corrosion free and easy to clean, they are ideal for dehumidifying any space including keeping your swimming pool environment healthy the humidity under control. Options are also available for additional air heating, and through-the-wall installation that can be situated adjacent to the pool hall or a specific area that needs dehumidifying.


Key features

  • Self contained with fully automatic operation
  • High moisture extraction for low power consumption
  • Corrosion free, easy to clean aluminium air grille with easy clean air filter
  • Zero ozone depleting refrigerant
  • Low internal operating pressures = long useful life
  • Adjustable air outlet
  • Quiet centrifugal fans, two speeds
  • Hot gas defrost (allows operation to 5°C air temperature)
  • Remote humidistat and on/off function


  • Through-the-wall version
  • LPHW air heater complete with 3 way valve and 12V thermostat interlock
  • 400V-3ph option for DH 110

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