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Calorex DD 1100
Calorex DD 1100

DD 800-1100

Industrial drying – adsorption

A mid-range series of self-contained dehumidifiers designed for commercial and industrial applications.


Key features

  • Construction suitable for commercial and industrial applications
  • EC reactivation fan
  • Three phase electrical supply
  • Air flow across the ranges from 450m3/h to 1,200m3/h
  • Dehumidification capacities across the ranges from 4.4kg/h to 6kg/h (at nominal air flow and 20°C, 60% RH)
  • Easy access for servicing and maintenance
  • Standard duct connections with 150Pa to 200Pa external static pressure available (at nominal air flow)
  • The reactivation heater is of the PTC-type (Positive Temperature Control), which cannot be overheated, and gives the possibility of a step-less control for 50-100% of the dehumidification capacity – this is achieved by controlling the reactivation air volume


  • Remote humidistat/ humidity controller/humidity sensor
  • EC process fan
  • EC fan speed control
  • PLC controller
  • Insulated process and dry air chamber
  • Wet air heat exchanger
  • Rotor rotation guard
  • Filter guard
  • Hour counter and ammeter
  • Continuous process fan operation
  • Reactivation wet air thermostat (DD 1100 only)


The dehumidifiers are designed to be used in a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. They have optional features which can tailor them to specific requirements. The energy saving and control options make these dehumidifiers ideal for continuous process applications and where close control is a requirement. The stainless steel construction also allows them to be used where hygiene is an important requirement.

This range can be used for drying air up to 100% relative humidity with temperatures from -30°C to +40°C. Suitable applications include:

  • Production processes
  • Condensation control
  • Equipment preservation
  • Climate control in storage areas
  • Food, beverage and confectionery
  • Material transport and logistics
  • Cold storage
  • Drying processes
  • Climate control in buildings, classrooms, kitchens, laboratories and specialised production areas
  • Substations and water treatment plants

Product specifications

Dehumidification capacity @ 20°C/60% RH


Dry air flow


Available pressure


Wet air flow


Available pressure


Power consumption


Power supply


Sound level


Reactivation power


Electric, steam, gas


Filter class


Product size (l x w x h)

1050 x 600 x 690



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