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Biocool Modbus control
Biocool Modbus control

Smart City Cooler control

Remote climate control for BIO air coolers

Controlling up to 10 units at a time this advanced system transfers humidity and ambient temperature data to a local management site. While connecting to the local network and an internal webserver it allows you to monitor the temperature using sensors both ambient and exterior.


Key features

  • Programming according to humidity (3 programable pre-set modes)
  • Pre-cooling system before start-up prevent hot air entering
  • Filter drying before stopping maximises hygiene
  • Daily operation can be programmed for the next eight weeks
  • External sensor reads temperature and humidity
  • Drainage timed is adjustable
  • Operation parameters can be recovered in the event of a power outage
  • Individual or group operation of units by remote control
  • Identification of faults and their origin
  • Allows to limit the humidity provided that influence the environmental conditions


  • Highly parameterizable – operating in manual mode or auto, weekly timer, cleaning, etc.
  • Reports the efficiency, mechanical or functioning faults of each unit
  • Connectable to the local network to see from PC, tablet or mobile on the website
  • Accessible from the outside for maximum control
  • Integrable with other systems of control of the market by can bus and modus
  • Allows optimisation of 'freecooling' with sensor of external conditions – T°C and HR%
  • Protected control by access key
  • Allows to disconnect units of the group area
  • Records historical data from sensors and hours of operation, downloadable from PC to PC

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