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Biocool BIO 18AIV – evaporative cooler
Biocool BIO 18AIV – evaporative cooler

Biocool BIO 18AIV – evaporative cooler

Evaporative coolers

BIO 18AIV is an evaporative cooler that offers energy-efficient and natural cooling. Using no artificial refrigerants whatsoever, this system for fixed installation ensures continuous renewal of air in larger open or semi-open industrial facilities. The unit cleans and filters the air inside your space, thereby removing bad odours, smoke and gases.


Key features

  • Simple installation
  • Powerful fan
  • Even distribution of water allowing maximum cooling efficiency
  • Possibility to cool selected zones
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Ozone eliminates 100% of bacteria that can survive in still water
  • Fast and quick maintenance
  • External cut-off – integrated safety fuse
  • Ducts automatic opening to avoid cold air entering from outside during winter and preventing hot air escaping from the inside
  • Pre-filters prevent polluting particles being brought into the cooling pads

Evaporative cooling is present in nature

Sometimes nature puts at our disposal resources that make our life more comfortable and respectful with the environment. The evaporative cooling is present in nature,in places close to the water as the waterfalls, lakes, seas and oceans and even on the human skin. The primitive men already applied rudimentary cooling techniques on the basis of this observation.

Biocool reproduces the effect of a sea breeze, driving fresh air where it may be needed.

How it works

As the air passes through the cooling pads, some of the heat is absorbed by natural evaporation and a fresh breeze is blown out.

Temperature of the air emitted is between 4°C and 12°C lower that the outdoor air, at approximately 20 to 25ºC.

The machine has automatic control which minimize maintenance and allow it to be adapted to different applications controlling the optimal desired conditions.

This combination makes living spaces more comfortable.

A sustainable system

The Bio-air conditioning is a natural way of cooling, in addition is economic, healthy and ecological. This system allows the constant renewal of air, improving its quality as introduces clean and filtered air inside the space, evacuating bad odours, smoke and gases to the outside, allowing to maintain optimal ambient healthiness.

Antimicrobial ozone technology

Keeping your unit clean has never been so easy

The integrated ozone system reduces the quantity of microbes in the water during the first hour of operation and removes them completely after three to four hours of operating. This has been demonstrated by research.

Product specifications

Air flow


Cooling capacity


Fan type


Max. energy consumption


Max. current


Fan diameter


Max. fan speed


Power supply


Filter pad size

825 x 620 x 100

Air exit

Top, side down

Water tank capacity


Remote control


Max sound level


Product dimensions (l x w x h)

1110 x 1110 x 950

Shipping dimensions (l x w x h)

1110 x 1110 x 1020

Net/gross weight


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