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Aerial Superflextract hose 50mm 6000 0003
Superflextract hose - 6000-0001

Superflextract hose – Ø38mm

Product code: 6000-0001

Accessory for VP 3, VP 6, VT 2, HF 2, SD 2, ASE 200, ASE 300, AB 200


The SUPERELASTIC FLEXTRACT is made of two layers of PVC with steel spring spiral and additionally equipped with an axial and radial thread reinforcement. Smooth on the inside, extremely flexible and vacuum tight, high tensile, good chemical resistance, for the most part smooth on the inside, small bend radius, UV and ozone-proof. Cadmium-free. 0 to 85°C. Diameter 38mm and 50mm.


Accessory for

Aerial VP 3 – side channel blower
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Side channel blower

The VP 3 side-channel blower offers reliability and energy-saving operation. The unit is air-cooled and operated in robust AERCUBE® housing. Its various gripping and carrying options make it easy to handle.

Aerial VP 6 – noise box with turbine
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The noise box VP 6 is light, versatile and powerful. The use of a brushless, variable turbine reduces the weight of the VP 6 by up to 50% compared with conventional noise boxes with lateral channel blowers.

Aerial VT 2 – water separator
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Water separator

The VT 2 water separator is equipped with a high-quality dirty water pump, also used in industrial applications. With this special pump the VT 2 can be operated solely as a 'wet vacuum cleaner'.

Aerial HF 2 – hepa filter
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HEPA filter

The HEPA filter system HF 2 for efficient air cleaning in ready-to-connect AERCUBE® housing is operated in conjunction with a noise box.

Aerial SD 2 – sound silencer
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Sound silencer

The SD 2 is both a sound absorber and an odour filter.

Aerial ASE 300 – adsorption dehumidifier
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Adsorption dehumidifiers

High performance adsorption dryer for low temperature areas.

Aerial AB 200 – side channel blower
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Side channel blower

The AB 200 is a ready to use side-channel blower with integrated vibration suppression and sound insulation, ideally suited for water damage restoration.

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