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Aerial CC4 Midbox
Aerial CC4 Midbox


Calibrated energy meter

The calibrated energy meter CC 4-MID BOX delivers secure evidence of power consumption. It records the energy consumption of up to four units.


Key features

  • MID compliant energy meter
  • Tamper-proof with a standard padlock (4-digit lock)
  • User-friendly fast closing clamps
  • High stability – even during operation
  • Wide choice of grip and carry options
  • Heavy-duty power cord with magnet-holder, 4.5m
  • Can be stable and reliable combined and stacked with all AERCUBE-products
  • Extremely robust, shock-resistant and UV-resistant rotationally moulded plastic housing with easy-care surface
  • 5 year warranty on all PE housing parts


  • Aerial CC4 MIDs are available with your logo and in your colour – minimum order quantity, 15 pieces
  • Energy consumption is displayed via the calibrated, non-resettable, MID-compliant energy meter
  • Robust construction perfect for construction and water damage applications
  • Compatible with any drying solution, the CC4 ensures that insurance companies are not over-charged for electricity consumption

Product specifications

Number of sockets

4 x built-in plug socket with cover



Power supply


Power cord

4.5 with plug

Protection class


Product size (h x w x d)

293 x 234 x 346



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