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Aerial AD 750 – condensation dehumidifier | commercial dehumidifier
Aerial AD 750-750-P – condensation dehumidifiers

Aerial AD 750-750-P – condensation dehumidifiers

Condensation dehumidifiers

These high-quality commercial dehumidifiers are used for drying structures and water damage as well as in industrial, trade, protection of investment and water-management applications. They may be used for multiple dehumidification functions. The robust, rotation-moulded plastic housing is absolutely shock- and breakage-proof and can boast a high-quality appearance and unique design.


Key features

  • Case made of shock and impact-resistant plastic
  • Intelligent eDRY® control
  • Blue-Dry® technology
  • Optimum mobility by two plastic wheels (D = 200mm) and different handle options
  • Hermetically sealed rotary compressor
  • Energy efficient axial fan
  • Maintenance-friendly refrigerant circuit with service connector
  • Condenser and evaporator made of copper tubes with aluminium fins
  • On-demand hot gas defrost system
  • Available with included condensate pump
  • Automatic restart after power failure
  • Included hygrostat for variable humidity control


  • Aerial AD 750-750P commercial dehumidifiers are available with your logo and in your colour – minimum order quantity, 15 pieces
  • Energy consumption is displayed via the calibrated, non-resettable, MID-compliant energy meter
  • F-gas Directive (2020) compliant, reducing the use of HFCs to mitigate the effects of global warming
  • Condensation principle (heat-pump technology with energy recovery)
  • Suitable for heated rooms up to 650m3 and unheated rooms up to 500m3

Product specifications

Capacity (30°C/80% RH)/Power consumption


Capacity (20°C/60% RH)/Power consumption


Capacity (15°C/70% RH)/Power consumption


Air flow


Operating temperature range


Operating humidity range

% RH

Max. power consumption


Power supply


Sound level


Condensate tank


Condensate drain

15 x 2



Power cord

4.5 with plug

Protection class


Product size (h x w x d)

880 x 520 x 495



Accessories and consumables

Aerial Drain hose 5501 0005
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Product code: 2002052

Accessory for AD 520, AD 540, AD 560, AD 580, AD 660, AD 680, AD 750-P, AD 780-P, AD 110

Aerial Spare filter 5107 0006
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Product code: 2001192

Accessory for AD 750, AD 750-P

Aerial Industrial Dehumidifier Drain hose 5501 0006
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Product code: 2002053

Accessory for AD 20, AD 40, AD 740, AD 750, WT series

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