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Why evaporative coolers take centre stage at outdoor events

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Even when events and exhibitions have been planned-out to the very last detail, climate control in temporary venues is all too often overlooked. Crowded tents, marquees and exhibition spaces can quickly become hot, stuffy and even dangerous without an effective fresh air supply.

In this article, you’ll discover why handling the heat is such a crucial stage of planning large events and how you can create unforgettable experiences with simple, yet effective, evaporative air cooling systems.

The dangers of under-planned climate control

While tents and marquees are enough to protect your guests from the elements, their waterproof fabrics and materials often provide little in the way of ventilation.

When heat gets trapped inside, temperatures can soar to uncomfortable levels. And while installing fans may seem like the quickest solution, they will only move hot air around a space and make the environment even more unpleasant for your guests.

Aside from the general discomfort, hot temperatures can quickly become dangerous. This rings especially true at music events, where hot weather, high energy and packed-out dance floors makes heat exhaustion a constant threat.

Usually the result of high humidity combined with high temperatures, heat exhaustion is when your body is unable to cool itself down fast enough. Without immediate action, it can lead to heatstroke and become life-threatening. Needless to say prevention is always better than cure, which is why evaporative air coolers are the unsung heroes at all kinds of events, including:

  • Outdoor concerts and festivals
    For music fans all over the world, summer festivals are the highlight of the year. But, as heatwaves become more common and events upscale, keeping cool becomes increasingly difficult. In large marquees packed with thousands of revellers, insufficient ventilation can turn an experience to remember into one they’d rather forget.

    The world’s most popular festivals, including Glastonbury in the UK, rely on portable high-capacity air cooling units to maintain a fresh airflow and ensure the safety and comfort of attendees.

  • Weddings and large family events
    With the cost, time and attention to detail that goes into planning the perfect outdoor wedding, stifling heat is the last thing you need on the day. At the same time, nobody wants a cumbersome air conditioning unit in the background of their wedding photos.

    To create the perfect atmosphere, portable self-contained evaporative air cooling solutions can be hidden from view while quietly flowing fresh air into a marquee or temporary wedding venue.

  • Exhibitions
    When air cooling is overlooked in the planning stages of exhibitions or trade shows, tents and temporary structures can become stuffy and uncomfortable as the space fills with people.

    Running constantly in the background, this is where evaporative air coolers can help you create the feeling of fresh air for attendees and exhibitors, without loud or disruptive equipment distracting from the displays.

What makes Master air cooling units the stars of the show?

Powerful, low cost and environmentally friendly systems like the Master BC 341 evaporative cooler use a simple evaporation process for cooling large open areas. Here’s how they work:

  1. A pump takes water from a built-in tank to wet a large filter

  2. A powerful fan pushes the warm incoming air through the wet filter

  3. The energy used by the water cools their air as it evaporates

As those in the industry well know, every event has its own individual requirements and challenges. That’s why all our products come with expert support from an in-house applications department and international service network. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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