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Tobacco dryers powered by portable heaters

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Significantly influencing the quality of the end product, one of the most important processes for a wide range of crops in the agricultural industry is that of drying and controlling humidity.

Grains, fruit, vegetables and most other products of the farming industry depending on their further use, require a certain reduction in humidity. The process of reaching it needs to be carried out at an appropriate speed to not do damage, for instance by exposing them to too high temperatures that will spoil the crop. On the other hand, this process must not take too long so as not to allow rotting or mold processes to develop.

Heating requirements

Manufacturers of machines for drying of agricultural products need sufficiently strong sources of heat for the solutions they offer to customers. These devices must generate the right amount of energy and have a sufficiently high static pressure to reach and maintain an appropriate air flow through the drying construction.

When choosing a heat source for the dryer, it is also important to identify a solution that does not transfer polluting contaminants that may end up damaging the dried product, thereby rendering it unsuitable for sale.

Type of heater

Depending on the size of the dryer itself, indirect BV heaters from Master can be ideal for this purpose due to their sturdy and flexible design. Fitted with a combustion chamber and heat exchangers made of stainless steel that’s been accurately welded and joined, the units are capable of forcing warm and clean air through the dryer. Because they’re portable, they can easily be used for other purposes too, if so required.

For the tobacco dryer depicted in this imagery, the Master BV 400 portable heater was applied because of its ability to generate a large static pressure of 500Pa. Fitted with flexible ducting made of odourless fabric, it was possible for the tobacco manufacturer to separate the boiler room from the heater and the dryer.

Depending on how much heating power is required, the BV 400 is capable of operating at two power levels, 80kW or 110kW. Moreover, the BV 400 can be fitted with a special hose that secures supply of outside air for the combustion chamber. This keeps the burner parts from getting dirty and therefore extends the maintenance intervals.

Further adding to the advantages of using the BV 400, the integrated and very sturdy fuel tank holds enough fuel for the unit to run approximately 17 hours without refueling.

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