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The first-ever portable climate control app for iOS/Android

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Have you ever found it tedious and time-consuming to find the right portable heater, dehumidifier, evaporative cooler, air-conditioner or fan for your application? Are you not entirely sure you chose the right solution? Not satisfied with the performance of the unit you are using at the moment? Help is here. Once you have downloaded this app, you’ll have all the help you need available right in your pocket no matter where you are.

The app dashboard offers access to four main sections: Selection tools, Catalogue, Accessories and Warranty each of which will be briefly explained below.

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Selection tools

Calculate your way to the best heating, drying, cooling or ventilation equipment for your next project using our range of selection tools as specified below:

  • Portable heaters
    The heater selection tool menu contains guides and calculators for industry air flow heaters, infrared heaters as well as disinfection and pest control heaters. Simply enter your application details (room size, temperatures and insulation) and the app will identify one or more suitable solutions for you.
  • Portable coolers
    The cooler selection tool menu offers access to a simple size guide calculator for our extensive range of evaporative coolers along with a presentation of our portable A/C unit. By entering room length, width and specifying application type (outdoor terrace, well-ventilated restaurant or bar, plastic industry, glass industry, automotive industry, painting industry, commercial kitchen, greenhouse, agricultural stable, logistics centre, assembly plant, hangar and more) the app will be able to find the best solution for you.
  • Portable dehumidifiers
    For the app to be able to find the best solution for your application (for instance, basement, water damage restoration following flooding, warehouses for food storage, rooms often occupied by many people or animals as well as swimming pools), it is necessary for you to specify average room temperature and relative humidity, room length, width and height. It’ll then determine the required dehumidifier capacity and based on that point you to one or more ideal solutions.
  • Fans and ventilation
    The fan/ventilation selection tool simply requires you to specify what you need done in your application: Blow the air, circulate the air, dry the floor or purify the air. Based off of that information, the app presents the range of solutions suitable for your intended use.

For your convenience, the selection tool section also offers access to a user-friendly unit converter for kW, Btu/h and Kcal/h.


If you so prefer, the app also makes it possible to browse through the user-friendly product catalogue that showcases all available heaters, coolers, dehumidifiers, ventilation units along with all available accessories. For ease of use, all product categories contain subcategories that help you narrow down search results as you go along.

3-year limited warranty

The app also enables you to activate the unique 3-year limited warranty on Master products. Once registered, the app stores your full list of Master products in your individual account.

Not finding what you need or just need guidance?

In case of doubts our if you need personal assistance to find what you are looking for, the app also contains a contact feature. This way you can send an email directly to our team of experts using the app.

Seven languages and complimentary download

The app comes in seven languages and can be downloaded free of charge.

Go to the App Store or Google Play to get started now!

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