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The DF 20 fan

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With its tough, lightweight construction, outstanding reliability and three-year warranty, it’s easy to see why the DF 20 fan has become one of Master’s best-selling products across a variety of sectors. In this article we’ll explore the DF 20’s wide range of applications and the key features that make it so versatile.

For drying, cooling and improving air circulation, professional-quality fans must be capable of working indoors and out, everywhere from construction sites to festivals. For one solution to address the climate challenges of many specific environments, it needs to be light, strong, powerful and adaptable.

With its multifaceted design, including 360° vertical and horizontal rotation, variable speeds and IP44 protection, the Master DF 20 has become a go-to solution for a whole suite of applications.

The DF 20 fan

Ready for almost every eventuality...

Our expertise across a range of industries has enabled us to produce ventilation solutions, such as the DF 20, that meet the specific needs of clients in a variety of sectors, including:

With fumes from drying processes and chemical applications, dust created by the use of power tools, and specialist materials that need to be kept clean and dry, air circulation plays an integral role in making construction projects manageable.

The DF 20 has become a well-known product in the construction industry due to its light robust design that can withstand the difficult conditions of building sites.

As well as assisting with drying processes such as paint or plaster, its high capacity can make these sometimes hazardous environments safer and more comfortable. By circulating the air, it can cool the workplace in hot summer months, prevent damp and help disperse fumes from chemical processes, keeping people on-site safe and protecting their continued wellbeing.

Water damage restoration
Fans are widely used in water damage restoration to help speed up the drying process and prevent further deterioration of the building.

The longer water damage is left to linger in a building, the worse it can become – often leading to mould and potentially irreparable structural damage. Used alongside dehumidifiers, industrial fans like the DF 20 are ideal for increasing airflow and circulation within the affected space to remove the moisture more quickly.

Without adequate cooling and air circulation, gyms and exercise rooms can become unpleasant and, in extreme cases, unsafe for visitors. In a busy gym or exercise facility, temperatures can rise quickly, making the space hot and stuffy and increasing the risk of dehydration, heat stress and heat stroke (all of which can be lethal).

Whether it's a temporary solution for warmer or busier days, or a permanent fixture, the DF 20 fan has a powerful capacity for its size. This combination of high cooling performance and convenience make it ideally suited to react to temperature changes and optimise the conditions of the space.

Restaurant kitchens
Professional kitchens are already intense environments. Add a full restaurant along with heat from ovens and other implements, and temperatures can quickly become difficult to handle. Without a way to control the climate in your restaurant, you could have a health and safety problem on your hands.

Installing free-standing or ceiling-mounted DF 20 fans will help prevent safety and hygiene problems caused by excessive temperatures. Ensuring a cool air flow will make working conditions more comfortable, reduce the risk of errors and speed-up serving times.

In professional motorsport, every advantage over an opponent can gain valuable seconds that stand between a driver and their place on the podium. To achieve maximum performance, cars and motorbikes need to be kept at optimum temperatures between races.

Not only that, hot climates combined with heat generated by engines and radiated from the tarmac can damage vehicles and put drivers at risk. Installing DF 20 fans in pit stops and temporary garages helps prevent temperatures reaching dangerous levels.

When produce such as tomatoes and other vegetables are in storage after picking or harvesting, maintaining a constant air flow is an important part of maximising their shelf life.

Fresh produce is at risk from both humidity and heat – if their environment rises above the optimum temperature and contains too much moisture, perishables will spoil much sooner and become more susceptible to mould and mildew.

Using DF 20 fans allows producers to maintain a cool constant air flow to reduce the temperature and help remove unwanted moisture from the air.

Small factories and workshops
Due to the types of buildings commonly used, as well as the physical and heat intensive work being carried out, small factories, garages and workshops are difficult environments in which to control safe and comfortable temperatures for staff.

DF 20 fans are ideal for spot cooling – a method of directing air flow exactly where it needs to go without the need to install large inconvenient units with costly ducting, and wasting energy cooling unoccupied areas of the building.

Events and festivals
As festivals are often held in remote areas with little access to shade, and crowded tents offer little ventilation, the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke is high.

With its tough construction and 360° rotation, the DF 20 can provide cool air on-demand without disrupting events or becoming an obstruction for guests.

Buildings and commercial spaces
Below-ground spaces such as basements are generally exposed to more moisture than any other part of a building. This makes them more susceptible to damp musty smells and the growth of mould and mildew, as well as the discolouration of walls and ceilings.

Installing a ceiling mounted fan like the DF 20 will improve air flow throughout the small space, helping to remove moisture from the air and preventing condensation from settling.

Rental companies
With the variety of applications mentioned above, plus the strength and durability to withstand constant use in challenging environments, the DF 20 has become a welcome addition to the inventories of rental companies across Europe.

To learn more about the DF 20 and other versatile ventilation solutions from Master, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts.

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