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How to warm outdoor events all year round

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Shorter days and colder weather doesn’t mean that outdoor events and festivals need to be put on pause. With a plethora of portable heating solutions available, marquees tents and temporary structures of all sizes can be transformed into warm and welcoming spaces, whatever the season.

Safety, space and cost are all key considerations from the very first planning stages of any outdoor event. And, with climate control impacting all three of these factors, choosing the most appropriate heating solution should not be taken lightly.

Noxious fumes, including carbon monoxide, emitted by some heating systems can be extremely bad for people’s health if inhaled. This danger is intensified in tight enclosed spaces like busy tents and marquees. Another safety concern is that the units themselves can become very hot, very quickly, presenting risks for guests and staff within a space.

For both of these reasons, the ideal heating solution for outdoor events should be able to operate effectively at a safe distance from busy areas, and have the capability to direct warm, fume-free air to where it is needed.

As well as being responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their guests, event organisers must prioritise comfort and experience. When it comes to climate control, that means looking for a system that can run quietly in the background with minimal disruption, out of sight from the main event.

On outdoor music stages or in open-sided marquees there will be a constant influx of cold air infiltrating the space. This means that a heater is likely to be in use for the duration of the event. Spending a little time looking for the most energy efficient solution and determining the size and capacity you need could save you a fortune down the line.

What makes indirect-fired heaters the top contender?

Indirect-fired heaters use a flame inside a burn chamber to warm a heat exchanger. As cold air is drawn into the system, it warms up by circulating around the heat exchanger. The system then flows the warmed air back into the space. And, because the air never comes into contact with a flame, the warm air is clean and free of dangerous fumes.

High-quality units from Master are portable, durable and weatherproof in even the most extreme conditions. This means they have no trouble operating outside a tent or marquee in bad weather while blowing warm air inside via easily-attachable flexible ducting.

Unlike electrical heaters, which tend to ‘spot heat’ certain areas while leaving others cold, indirect-fired heaters deliver a consistent steady flow of warm air that can reach every pocket of space. Systems from Master can be combined with a remote room thermostat placed inside the tent to help event organisers maintain comfortable and accurate indoor temperatures while leaving the heater outside to avoid noise and odours.

Units from Master are some of the most durable and reliable systems available but, for extra peace of mind, they come with access to an international service network. To learn more about indirect-fired heaters or any of Master’s climate control solutions for the events and entertainment industry, fill out the form below to get in touch with our team of experts.

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