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How Master dehumidifiers meet the needs of rental companies

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The rental industry is one of the most rugged and intense globally. Companies depend on products that are reliable, robust and straightforward, to meet both their own needs and the expectations of their customers. Here, we explain why Master products are ideal for these unique environments.

The popularity of hiring dehumidifiers and other climate solutions is on the rise. Whether this represents a more cost-effective approach for a company’s needs, are stop-gap replacements for equipment in need of repair, or anything in between, rental products are more in-demand now than ever before.

This is great for the industry. However, to fulfil this growing demand for portable dehumidifiers, rental companies depend on products that:

  • Remain reliable and usable in the non-stop cycle of the rental industry

  • Are simple for customers to operate without the need for in-depth training

  • Perform effectively in a wide range of applications and circumstances

  • Are backed by a strong, trustworthy support network

With these expectations and more to contend with, Master dehumidifiers are highly regarded for their ability to meet and exceed these in rental companies globally. Here, we will explore all of the features and facets that make the Master range ideally suited for this unique industry.

Reliable to the core

Reliability is rightly at the forefront of any rental professional’s mind when it comes to which products they procure. The longer a product is operational and not in need of maintenance, the longer it can be earning money for the business.

“For any hire customer it is always about utilisation of product – the less time a product is receiving maintenance or receiving repairs, the better it is for them,” explains Gary McWilliam, Managing Director of the Hire Supply Company, Master’s trusted distributors for the UK rental market.

“They need products that will give them close to 100% utilisation.”

Of course, this is easier said than done. The back-and-forth motion of the rental industry means that if a dehumidifier cannot withstand the transportation requirements of moving from customer to customer, it is a massive hindrance. Costs for repairs and replacements skyrocket, and if products break down while in use, it can badly hurt a company’s reputation with its customers.

This is why Master dehumidifiers are so suited for the rental market – reliability is at the heart of each product’s design and manufacture.

  • Master dehumidifiers come in a choice of heavy-duty, durable casing – metal or rotomoulded – which perfectly protects the components inside from the wear and tear of the rental industry

  • Each product is built to minimise the amount of maintenance required, reducing the likelihood that products will fail while on duty

  • Products are simple to open and clean, meaning they are rapidly prepared for their next job

  • We provide easy access to spare parts and repairs, so when products do need maintenance, this is done quickly and seamlessly

Products to suit any application

Master dehumidifiers

Understandably, rental companies want to reach the widest customer base possible. Therefore products that support multiple applications are a priority, as this enables organisations to fulfil the dehumidification needs of any consumer – from a low-intensity office or residential building, to more severe construction sites and water damage restorations.

The breadth and flexibility of the Master range of dehumidifiers come to the forefront here, ensuring that companies only need to work with us as a sole supplier to cover all of their customers’ concerns. Some of the standout products in our range include:

The DH 62 and DHP 65

Two of our most popular units, with robust designs that make them ideal for difficult working conditions like the construction industry. With the DH 62 offering 52L capacity and the DHP 65 and impressive 56L, they are very well-suited to support demanding, humid environments.

The DHP 55

One of our newest dehumidifiers, and the first model with a water pump on board, making it far faster and easier to drain for continuous usage.

The DH 732 and DH 752

Smaller capacity means that these dehumidifiers are easy to store and move at all times, and are ideal for office and residential settings.

The ACD 137

Flexibility is fundamental to this unit, as not only can it perform as a 130L capacity dehumidifier, but it also operates as an air-conditioner. The ACD 137’s multi-purpose functionality makes it great for rental companies, who can hire it out to different customers for completely different situations.

Master 2021/2022 catalogue

Ease of operation

As rental companies are not the end-users of their dehumidifiers, it is crucial that products are simple for their customers to operate. The more complicated this is, the more likely they will be inundated with questions from customers, which can be massively time-consuming, and it is unlikely they will return in future.

Master dehumidifiers overcome this potential hurdle by being effortlessly straightforward for both the rental companies and their customers to use. There is no complex setup that requires someone with an engineering background – everything is designed to be as intuitive as possible.

This ensures there’s less of a burden on rental companies to micro-manage their units that are on duty. Instead, they have complete reassurance that products are performing well at all times.

“The best feedback we get from Master products is that we don’t receive any – instead, we receive repeat orders,” reiterates Mr McWilliam. “Realistically that’s the best kind of feedback any distributor can wish for.”

Market-leading technology

Master dehumidifiers contain a wide range of high-quality components that help inform and support both rental companies and their end-users. These features include:

Master technology

Moreover, at Master we keep up with the latest innovations and regulations to ensure that our products are always leading the pack. A good example of this was the change to F-Gas regulations which came into force in January 2020, banning the use of refrigerants with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 2,500 or more in certain units.

While others scrambled to react to this change, Master’s products had already adapted to meet these requirements, meaning that our dehumidifiers were ready for our customers’ future.

Straightforward storage

Rental companies could have hundreds of dehumidifiers stored in warehouses at any given time waiting to be called into action. This space is not cheap to maintain, so anything that can limit the amount of storage room required can be a substantial cost-saver.

This potential problem is resolved by Master dehumidifiers, as many of our units are stackable. For our customers, this means they can hold more products in a smaller place by stacking them one-by-one.

In addition, this makes transporting multiple products at once far more straightforward and cost-effective.

Long-lasting support network

“Master is perceived as an expensive, high-quality product. However, it is the quality of product and the backup service they provide that justifies the price.”

These words by Mr McWilliam emphasise the importance Master places on supporting our customers in the rental industry. We recognise the significance of a dependable, personable customer-supplier relationship in this sector – it is vital to ensuring that products are available and usable at all times to support end-users.

Our three-year limited warranty is a testament to this commitment to our rental customers. Numerous other brands would not be comfortable offering such a long warranty to rental companies, considering the heavy usage, travel and damage that these products can endure.

However, we believe in providing absolute reassurance to our customers that if anything goes wrong, we have their back. This three-year limited warranty is an example of this – if a component listed under this fails within the first three years, we will quickly resolve it.

Furthermore, the accessibility of our spare parts, repair services, accessories and product exchanges – either with Master directly or through a trusted distributor like the Hire Supply Company in the UK - give our customers unmatched reassurance when issues emerge.

A reputation built on trust

Finally, Master’s reputation worldwide sets our dehumidifiers apart in the rental industry. Prior to entering the dehumidification market, the unwavering reliability of our range of heaters, fans and other climate control products meant that we could rapidly establish ourselves – a reputation that our dehumidifiers have certainly lived up to.

“The latest dehumidifier we’ve brought out which we worked with Master on for around three years, the first container in the UK sold out within two-three weeks,” explained Mr McWilliam.

Our reputation has only grown by our continued success in the UK – Europe’s biggest rental market – alongside the Hire Supply Company. Our products’ ability to meet the demands of this active landscape has highlighted our ability to do so for customers across Europe, including Boels Rental, Cramo Group and Ramirent.

Discover the benefits of Master dehumidifiers today

Master has actively supported rental companies globally with a wide array of climate control solutions. Hopefully, this article has illustrated to you why our dehumidifiers, as well as our numerous other ranges, meet the demands of this active industry, empowering our customers to work effectively and build strong reputations with their own audiences.

If this has compelled you to learn more about Master’s range of dehumidifiers first-hand, get in touch with us today using the form below.

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