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Climate control tips for outdoor event organisers

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As summer comes back around, calendars begin to fill with events and occasions taking place outdoors. While we’re all looking forward to making the most of the sunshine, hot temperatures have the potential to create problems for organisers and spoil the atmosphere for guests if portable fans, air blowers and coolers are overlooked.

Despite undergoing months of planning, the overall success of an outdoor event can be completely derailed by heat. Air can become stagnant, temperatures can reach unsafe levels, and the equipment needed to make proceedings run like clockwork can malfunction.

In this article, we explain why it’s so important to spend time considering ventilation like fans and evaporative coolers in the planning stages of an outdoor event. You’ll discover some of the best solutions available and how they can help you keep the air circulating at festivals, weddings, motor racing events, exhibitions and any other occasion where hot weather can be hard to handle.

How to prepare your event for hot climates

Across most of Europe, perfect weather can never be guaranteed. However, with heatwaves becoming more common every summer, it’s vital that outdoor venues are equipped to deal with high temperatures.

The failure to have sufficient fans in place can leave air feeling thick and stale, quickly making a venue an unpleasant place to be. Even when guests can find shade under tents, canopies and marquees, a lack of air circulation will create stifling conditions. It’s also important to factor-in how lighting and electrical equipment, as well as the guests themselves, add to the heat.

Master gives outdoor events a breath of fresh air

The range of portable fans and coolers from Master are a vital part of the inventory for event organisers across the globe. Our systems can be found preventing the dangers of heat in all kinds of different venues, including:

  • Festivals
    Often held in remote areas with little access to shade, heat exhaustion and heatstroke are both a constant risk to festival goers. In packed-out tents and crowded outdoor arenas, large fans, air blowers and evaporative coolers are used to provide constant air circulation and ensure both safety and comfort.

  • Weddings
    The time, effort and attention to detail that goes into an outdoor wedding can all be undone if the environment is uncomfortable. To help create the perfect atmosphere, Master’s portable solutions can operate quietly in the background, providing relief from the heat in marquees or outdoor settings.

  • Outdoor exhibitions
    As exhibition venues fill with people, the environment can quickly become hot and stuffy. Whether the event is taking place under marquees or out in the open, portable ventilation fans can help keep the air moving throughout the space.

  • Racetracks
    Cars and motorbikes need to be kept at optimum temperature between races to achieve maximum performance on the track. Hot climates combined with heat generated by engines and radiated from the tarmac can cause major damage and put drivers at risk. Installing fans in pit stops and under temporary outdoor garages helps reduce these dangerous temperatures.

For more information on ventilation fans, air blowers and evaporative coolers and for outdoor events, or to get help creating a tailored solution for your venue, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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