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Master dehums rental
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Find out what makes our range a standout choice for the hiring industry across Europe.

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Agnieszka Dymarczyk 10 min read
Insights Content cannabis growing
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Exploring the importance of controlled crop drying.

Photo of Alessandro Bisinella
Alessandro Bisinella 6 min read
Insights Content Vertical Farming
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How regional farmers can take advantage of agriculture’s most promising innovation.

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Marcus Bailey 12 min read
Insights flooding
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Explore the core areas of restoring a property following a flood – managing air quality, controlling...

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Alan James 13 min read
Insights church WDR
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The top water damage considerations for older buildings and sensitive materials.

Photo of Alan James
Alan James 6 min read
Insights museum building
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How to make the most efficient and effective choice to keep your facilities dry.

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Stig Solberg 5 min read
Insights Warehouse dehum
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Discover how refrigerant dehumidifiers actively protect the condition of stored assets.

Photo of Marcus Bailey
Marcus Bailey 6 min read
Insights Passive Haus
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Learn why pressure drying is a critical tool moving forward to dry out today’s insulated buildings.

Photo of Alan James
Alan James 7 min read
Waterwork Aerial Shoot 2014 6
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All you need to know about controlling the humidity levels in waterworks

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Waldemar Luft 8 min read
Bread Production shutterstock 445939735 web
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Important reasons to implement an effective climate control system in your facility

Photo of Marcus Bailey
Marcus Bailey 2 min read
Calorex Chocolate web
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Why dehumidification is vital for chocolate manufacturers

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Jeremy Neale 4 min read
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Photo of Marcus Bailey
Marcus Bailey 5 min read

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