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Tent heating for small and large-scale events

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Mobile heaters are used to create the right feel-good climate at events held in marquees. Depending on the type of device, they are operated with oil or electricity and are suitable for small private parties through to large-scale and high-class events. The mobile tent heaters provide warmth and an optimal indoor climate.

To ensure that the right feel-good climate always prevails at events in marquees during the colder months, the marquees are heated with mobile heaters. With oil heaters, you can heat large tents with a high heating and air volume. For emission-free heat from the socket and easy logistics, use electric heaters. These are particularly suitable for smaller tents and private events.

Marquee heating

At large events in marquees, party tents or pavilions, a mobile marquee heater releases heat into the air and warms up the interior. A heater in the pavilion or marquee is particularly necessary in winter.

Warm air heaters that are operated with heating oil have proven their worth here. Hoses can be connected to the heaters, which are led into the tent on one side and are usually mounted in the ridge of the tent. Perforated foil hoses distribute the warm air throughout the tent or mobile blow-out towers are set up on one or two sides of the tent. These can be assembled modularly in height and thus adapted to the height of the marquee to be heated. By means of a heat recirculation system consisting of ceiling fans and an associated control system, the heat in the marquee can be regulated even better and further energy can be saved.

The perfect choice for intelligent marquee heating are the Heylo K 120 and K 160 oil heaters – also available in the event colour white on request. With intelligent control, they ensure constant heat output. This makes them the optimal oil heaters for the event area and for the right feel-good climate.

Safety also plays a major role when choosing a tent heater for marquees. Our mobile oil heaters stand for the highest quality and reliability when it comes to safe and effective marquee heating and event heating for your event. Our devices are safe to operate and easy to service due to the top-mounted ISK® burner and have a high air output and pressure due to powerful fans.

The Heylo FPS oil preheating (FlowSecure Preheating System) ensures safe operation at low temperatures. The HEYtronic control system ensures more precise temperature control and low fan cycling during the start-up phase, the absence of critical discharge temperatures and a lower risk of failure due to the elimination of capillary controllers.

Electric tent heaters for smaller tents

In the cold months, tent heaters are part of the standard equipment to make the time in a tent pleasant even in cold temperatures. Electric heaters are used especially in smaller tents. These mobile tent heaters are a safe way to generate warm temperatures and they are cheap to buy. The type and size of the tent to be heated are decisive factors in choosing a suitable electric heater. The advantages of electric heaters, apart from their simple operation, are their handy dimensions and easy transport. Those who prefer emission-free heat from the socket and simple logistics will go for electric heaters. Our heaters offer varying degrees of heating power and deliver extremely fast and intense heat therefore providing the perfect atmosphere. If required, the Heylo DE units can also be used as fans.

When buying an electric heater, attention should be paid above all to safety. All Heylo electric heaters have a temperature limiter with automatic reset and overheating protection. The DE 2 XL, DE 3 XL and DE 3 XL PRO heaters also have a ceramic PTC heating element, which makes them a very good and safe alternative to classic fan heaters. The DE 9 XL electric heater achieves high outlet temperatures for particularly fast heating times.

What is a tent heater?

A tent heater is a mobile heater that runs on oil or electricity to heat the air in tents and gazebos. Dantherm Group offers different sizes and models. From compact electric heaters for small tents and private parties to powerful oil heaters with hose for large events in marquees.

Why do I need a tent heater and how does it work?

An oil tent heater is needed to heat the air in large tents, party tents, marquees and pavilions when it is cold outside. It is not set up in the tent, but placed in front of it. In the case of mobile oil heaters with indirect firing, the heat is conducted inside via a long hose, so that a clean and pleasant heat flows into the tent without exhaust fumes.

An electric tent heater is used to heat smaller rooms and tents where there is a power connection or generator. With this tent heater, heat is generated electrically. The device is connected to a mains supply and the current flows through a conductor, for example a heating wire or a heating coil. The Heylo electric heaters have a temperature control and work with two heating levels.

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