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Dehumidifying basements and cellars

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Basements are the part of the house that can get damp very quickly, be it seeping building/masonry or damage caused by leaking pipes, boilers or gutters. A quick response is needed as the next consequence can be mould growth that is harmful to health.

Basement and cellars are ideal for creating additional wellness and living spaces or storage rooms. However, some homeowners or tenants run the risk of destroying these recreational spaces by not providing the proper dehumidification of the area running the risks of musty smells, structural damage and an unhealthy indoor climate.

Damp surfaces are a paradise for mould spores – and they cause serious damage. However, air humidity is not an enemy, it just depends on the right amount. Ideal humidity levels are 40 to 60 per cent. It has been proven that this is when the least bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pollutants are found in our indoor air. This is important for the health of people, pets and plants, but also for the durability and thus value retention of walls, furniture, textiles and almost all objects of daily use.

Personal sensory perception also signals that the indoor air is ideal at values of 40 to 60 per cent. In all main rooms, the air should be dehumidified against mould spores, musty smells and damage to health such as respiratory diseases.

Our dehumidifiers offer the perfect solution, thanks to their easy handling and equally high and fast dehumidification performance.

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