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Countering high energy costs by using stoves and fireplaces?

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With the colder season rapidly approaching in many European countries, people are getting ready to heat their private homes. But because of the currently very unstable supply of natural gas from Russia, gas prices have skyrocketed reaching an all-time high which is a massive six times higher in September 2022 than it was in 2021.

To illustrate, a recent study in Denmark revealed that an average family of four owning a house heated with natural gas could be looking at extra costs exceeding EUR 400 per month through the coming winter.

Therefore, many have begun to look for alternative heating options. One of them is to use wood-burning stoves and fireplaces. While for some that may indeed lower costs for heating, it does come with some potentially negative side effects that should be taken into consideration and countered up front. The biggest one is pollution of the indoor air.

A group of scientists conducted a research project in 19 Sheffield homes in 2020. All homes were equipped with wood burners certified as ‘smoke exempt appliances’, yet the project data revealed that harmful indoor air pollution tripled. The fine dust simply pollutes and contaminates the air, making it unpleasant and even hazardous to your health. And without having to let out already heated air through open windows in an attempt to refreshen the air.

However, air cleaners fitted with the right type of filters offer a reliable and inexpensive way of removing particle pollution from the air so you can safely continue using this type of heating.

Making sure the heated air is not hazardous

Air purifiers such as the Heylo HL 400 and HL 800 reduce the concentration of pollutants such as fine dust and odour molecules present in the ambient air. A fan draws contaminated air through various filters. Coarse particles up to 3 μm are separated by means of the pre-filter. A HEPA H 14 filter with a separation efficiency of 99.995 % is used as the main filter.

In addition, carbon filters are used for the neutralisation of odours.

While being very efficient and cost-effective, the technology creates and maintains healthy air free from hazardous particles within the building. Because the air cleaners only cleanse the air, you will not be letting any heated air go to waste by e.g., opening your windows for fresh air. Air is simply cleaned 24/7 and then recirculated within your room. Furthermore, the units are very simple to install as they require no special ducting or ventilation.

All H14 HEPA filters we use have been tested to meet to the European standard EN 1822, verifiable by label and serial number. Moreover, we have obtained performance certificates from Europe's largest application-oriented research organisation, the Fraunhofer Institut, to confirm the effectiveness of our air cleaners.

Heylo air purifier product showcase and features of the HL 800 and HL 400 series - Infographic image

Discover more about our market-leading range of air purifiers here on our website or feel free to contact us using the form below.

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