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Laundry dryers

Energy-efficient clothes dryers creating healthy and pleasant indoor environments.

Why choose laundry dryer dehumidifiers?

Although the warmer, dryer seasons offer homeowners an economical way to dry clothes outside, when cold or moist weather emerges, residents have to dry laundry indoors.

As well as lengthening drying times from hours to days, drying clothes inside can present two additional problems for homeowners:

  • Rising energy bills

  • The presence of excess moisture in the home

Those living in cooler or more humid climates have to depend on their tumble dryer or central heating system to dry wet clothes indoors. Keeping these devices on throughout the season can send running costs soaring.

By bringing in wet clothes to dry, the humidity level inside will begin to rise as moisture from laundry enters the indoor atmosphere. This can cause condensation inside and encourage the development of mould and mildew – an unhealthy and destructive growth that is difficult to remove.

To address these problems, a laundry dryer is a unique type of dehumidifier that works to remove moisture from the air and dry clothes economically and energy efficiently.

Dehumidifiers for drying clothes are significantly more energy efficient than tumble dryers. Instead of relying on heat to remove excess moisture, these systems process air and capture water from the environment itself.

While tumble dryers dry wet clothes faster, laundry dehumidifiers are up to 12 times more economical to operate. The ability to create dry air also helps maintain a healthier and more comfortable inside environment that prevents the growth of unpleasant mould and mildew.

As experts in efficient and effective climate control, our laundry dryers are the benchmark for fast, straightforward clothes drying. Built with sustainability, efficiency, ease of use and durability at their core, we help homeowners keep their costs to a minimum.

To learn more about our range of laundry dryer dehumidifiers, get in touch with our expert team today.

Laundry dryer dehumidifier: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a laundry dryer dehumidifier?

Laundry dryers are a unique type of dehumidifier that remove moisture from the air to dry clothes. Designed to operate sustainably, these systems are characterised by their compact size, high economy and easy maintenance.

How does a laundry dehumidifier work?

To dry clothes, these systems draw in moist air from a room and pass it over a refrigerated coil inside the unit. This causes the air’s water contents to condense, before the latent heat energy captured is reused to heat the now cool and dry air.

Over time, this process removes moisture from clothes gently, leaving laundry feeling dry, soft and smooth.

Can I use a regular dehumidifier in my laundry room?

Yes. Standard dehumidifiers can be employed to fulfil the same task. However, laundry dryers are calibrated to optimise the laundry drying process – producing the best results with as little cost and energy consumption as possible.

What are the benefits of using a laundry dehumidifier?

Laundry dehumidifiers can be as much as 12 times more cost-effective than a tumble dryer. Beyond their outstanding economy:

  • These units are environmentally friendly, releasing far fewer emissions during operation

  • Laundry dehumidifiers recycle heat, simultaneously drying clothes and warming interior spaces

  • This technology helps eliminate condensation – protecting the health of people and their property

  • Drying clothes more gently preserves their condition in the long term

How do I know if I need a laundry dehumidifier?

The sun is the best way to dry clothes. But when poor weather strikes, or colder seasons roll around, laundry has to be dried inside.

Without a dedicated laundry dehumidifier, fulfilling this essential task can cause the moisture from wet clothes to linger inside, and energy bills to increase due to tumble dryers’ high running costs.

To address these problems, laundry dehumidifiers are the ideal solution. Highly capable. Exceptionally efficient. Our range of market-leading solutions deliver dry clothes on a budget, while protecting living spaces.

How often do I need to clean my laundry dehumidifier?

This depends on how often systems are used. At a minimum, we recommend cleaning it at regular intervals, along with the integral air filter. This could be weekly if your dehumidifier is in frequent use, or monthly if it is only used sparingly.

Can a laundry dehumidifier be used in other areas of the home?

Laundry dryers can capture and remove unwanted moisture anywhere in a residential property. But for the best drying performance, you should opt for dehumidifiers more tailored for this specific task.

Can I buy your laundry dryer dehumidifiers online?

For all of our laundry dryers, VAT-registered companies can get a quote very quickly by pressing 'I want to buy' and inserting their enquiry and contact details.

However, you cannot carry out the entire purchasing process on our website. This is because due to the solution you wish to purchase and your area of residence, you may or may not need to buy through a local Dantherm Group representative. We will facilitate this when you use the 'I want to buy' button for the laundry dryers of your choice.

Can I bulk buy laundry dryer dehumidifiers for a large project?

Yes, we can fulfil bulk orders across our range of laundry dryers for large, bespoke projects. Get in contact with our experts or go direct to your local Dantherm Group representative to discuss the exact needs of your project and how we can meet your requirements.

Can I speak to someone for technical advice to buy the right laundry dryer dehumidifiers?

At Dantherm Group, we pride ourselves on ensuring all solutions we supply are tailored to your precise needs. Our decades of experience and total control over the design and manufacture of our range of laundry dryer dehumidifiers means we can provide you with bespoke, technical advice to ensure you receive the most efficient, effective and sustainable solution.

Reach out to our experts for a free, specialist consultation about your specifications so we can advise you on the most suitable solution.

What is your delivery time for laundry dryer dehumidifiers?

This depends. For some standard laundry dryers, as well as their accessories and consumables, we offer day-to-day delivery. Larger or more complex orders will likely have a longer lead time.

For detailed information on when you can expect to receive the solutions you are interested in, please reach out to your local Dantherm Group representative.

Do you sell laundry dryer dehumidifiers to private individuals?

No. Dantherm Group laundry dryer dehumidifiers included on this website are sold only to industry professionals either directly or via our extensive network of suppliers.

Do you provide support, servicing and parts for these laundry dryer dehumidifiers?

Yes. We have dedicated offices, suppliers and servicing partners based across Europe to provide timely, ongoing support across our entire range of laundry dryers. You can get in touch through our contact form and we will make sure your enquiry is handled by the office or service partner best suited to your needs.

We also have an extensive network of spare parts dealers throughout Europe, who are geared to provide you with a complete stock of spare parts for your solutions. We are committed to catering to your needs and getting you the required parts as quickly and easily as possible.

How can I become a supplier to sell your laundry dryer dehumidifiers?

If you would like to become a supplier of Dantherm Group laundry dryers, please refer to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Get in touch with our team via email or over the phone if you have an enquiry, and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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