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Free cooling

Free cooling is cost-effective controlled ventilation – the telecom shelter or enclosure is cooled by means of ambient air without a compressor.

Why choose free cooling units?

Keeping ambient temperatures at optimal levels in data centres is vital. If temperatures rise to levels too high, electronic components can degrade, slow down or become irreparably damaged.

From air traffic control and digital communication to web services and remote conferencing, equipment outages can cause costly disruptions for customers relying on these key digital services.

To keep equipment downtime to a minimum, air temperatures must be regulated year-round. Fulfilling this obligation often means facilities rely on conventional air-conditioning units for electronics cooling everyday.

However, these traditional mechanical cooling systems are costly to operate, with integral compressors requiring large amounts of energy to run. These solutions also rely on refrigerant gases, which release harmful emissions over time.

Free cooling, on the other hand, represents one of the most energy efficient ways to keep electronic components within optimal temperature ranges.

By using cooler ambient outdoor temperatures to create a constant flow of air, these cooling solutions efficiently exhaust heat, and are up to 95% more energy efficient than traditional A/C.

Using no refrigerants to keep conditions regulated, this technology also embodies one of the most environmentally friendly solutions to electronics cooling.

As climate control experts in our own right, Dantherm free cooling systems are built with reliability, sustainability and ease of use at their core, designed to accommodate almost any climate or setting.

  • Flexibly install systems in new or existing shelters

  • Remotely monitor and configure devices easily

  • Generate savings in all types of climates

Whether you’re cooling critical data centre infrastructure, or ensuring the uptime of cloud computing platforms, our systems are a robust, reliable and cost-effective solution for electronics cooling.

Speak to our expert team today, and we can help you select the optimal solution for your setting.

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