DC air conditioning units

DC Air Conditioning Units for Electronics Cooling product range by Dantherm Group

Why choose DC air conditioning units?

Consistent cooling is a high priority in practically any data centre or telecommunication shelter. If servers, routers and other essential equipment are allowed to overheat, this can cause immense damage and result in costly repairs, replacements and downtime.

To meet this growing need, our DC air conditioning units have been intelligently manufactured to deliver an unbroken cycle of cool air into these environments. Powerful enough to cool large spaces, yet slimline to minimise space usage, our designs match the demands of these delicate locations.

Our systems work by circulating air in a closed loop, with warm air drawn from the top of the room and cooled air returned at the bottom. Heat is transferred to the outside via a refrigerant system, which guarantees dust, humidity and other unwanted particles do not enter these spaces.

While many conventional and portable air conditioning units use AC power, DC units offer several advantages over these. They are typically more energy-efficient, save power, last longer and generate less noise than their AC equivalents.

Our data centre cooling technology builds upon these principles and beyond. By not avoiding the use of an inverter there is no loss in power conversion, further increasing their efficiency. The brushless motor used in our units has permanently magnetised, rotating magnets and a fixed armature, removing problems of connecting current to a moving armature.

Completely plug-and-play air con for electronics with no need to employ an experienced cooling engineer to install, our DC air conditioning units are easy to operate and maintain. Plus, they are designed with flanges for convenient wall-mounting to make this potentially tiresome task as simple as possible.

Rigorously tested in every climate and units supporting data centres and telecoms worldwide, we are proud to deliver air conditioning solutions that ensure uptime and maximise energy savings – even in the most challenging environments.

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