DC air conditioning units

DC Air Conditioning Units for Electronics Cooling product range by Dantherm Group

Why choose DC air conditioning units?

Consistent cooling is a high priority in practically any data centre or telecommunication shelter. If servers, routers and other essential equipment are allowed to overheat, this can cause immense damage and result in costly repairs, replacements and downtime.

To meet this growing need, our DC air conditioning units have been intelligently manufactured to deliver an unbroken cycle of cool air into these environments. Powerful enough to cool large spaces, yet slimline to minimise space usage, our designs match the demands of these delicate locations.

Our systems work by circulating air in a closed loop, with warm air drawn from the top of the room and cooled air returned at the bottom. Heat is transferred to the outside via a refrigerant system, which guarantees dust, humidity and other unwanted particles do not enter these spaces.

While many conventional and portable air conditioning units use AC power, DC units offer several advantages over these. They are typically more energy-efficient, save power, last longer and generate less noise than their AC equivalents.

Our data centre cooling technology builds upon these principles and beyond. By not avoiding the use of an inverter there is no loss in power conversion, further increasing their efficiency. The brushless motor used in our units has permanently magnetised, rotating magnets and a fixed armature, removing problems of connecting current to a moving armature.

Completely plug-and-play air con for electronics with no need to employ an experienced cooling engineer to install, our DC air conditioning units are easy to operate and maintain. Plus, they are designed with flanges for convenient wall-mounting to make this potentially tiresome task as simple as possible.

Rigorously tested in every climate and units supporting data centres and telecoms worldwide, we are proud to deliver air conditioning solutions that ensure uptime and maximise energy savings – even in the most challenging environments.

Want to know more? Enquire below about our DC air conditioning units and we’ll get you in touch with an expert.

DC air-conditioning units: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DC air-conditioning unit?

The electronic equipment used throughout telecom networks generate heat as they operate. If temperatures inside these electronic shelters are not properly controlled, it can cause vital equipment to slow down or even fail, leading to costly downtime and follow-up repairs.

DC air-conditioning units are designed specifically to keep this critical infrastructure suitably cool year-round. Easy to use and exceptionally energy efficient, these solutions are the key to maximum uptime and minimal disruption in data centres and telecom shelters.

How does a DC air-conditioning unit work?

In order to keep essential technology at the right temperature all year round, DC air-conditioners circulate cool air within a sealed system. Warm air is drawn from the upper part of the room, cooled through the unit’s internal refrigeration system, and distributed back at the bottom.

This approach prevents dust, moisture, and other contaminants from entering the space, and keeps technology operating efficiently and effectively at minimal running costs.

What are the benefits of using a DC air-conditioning unit?

DC air-conditioners excel at electronics cooling as this technology operates highly efficiently, minimising energy consumption and keeping operating costs low – ideal for electronic shelters that need constant cooling at all times of year.

Especially when compared with conventional AC-powered air-conditioning units, DC units are typically more energy efficient, last longer and generate less noise.

Additionally, by operating in a closed loop, unwanted contaminants such as dust, moisture and pollution are prevented from entering electronic shelters and causing damage to critical systems inside.

Our range of market-leading DC air-conditioners harness over six decades of experience, and are characterised by their simple installation, quiet operation and long-lasting quality.

Can a DC air-conditioning unit be used in both residential and commercial applications?

No. Our professional DC air-conditioning units are specifically designed to provide efficient, effective cooling in electronic shelters, and are sold only to industry professionals either directly or via our extensive network of suppliers.

Reach out to our team of more than 600 experts, or contact your local Dantherm Group representative to discuss the exact needs of your project and how we can meet your precise commercial requirements

How do I choose the right size DC air-conditioning unit for my space?

An overly small A/C unit will not deliver the necessary amount of cool air to these critical settings, while a unit too large will raise running costs substantially. To drive the best performance and achieve meaningful savings, it is important to install the right size DC air-conditioner.

However, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to optimal electronics cooling. The size of a shelter, the heat generated by the equipment and the outside conditions can all affect what size solution is most suitable for your setup.

Reach out to our experts for a free, specialist consultation about your project and its requirements. We can advise you on the most suitable DC air-conditioner, and immediately connect you with your nearest local supplier

How does a DC air-conditioning unit compare to a traditional AC unit in terms of energy efficiency?

Many conventional air-con systems use AC power. However, DC air-conditioning units are typically more energy efficient, able to operate at a reduced cost and minimise consumption.

As well as being a sustainable standalone solution, DC air-con can also work alongside free coolers to reach optimal temperatures using significantly less energy.

While the savings generated will depend on the outdoor climate, an expertly implemented dual cooling strategy can limit energy use by using free cooling where possible, reducing a shelter’s reliance on air-conditioners

Can I buy your DC air-conditioning units online?

For all of our DC air-conditioning units, VAT-registered companies can get a quote very quickly by pressing 'I want to buy' and inserting their enquiry and contact details.

However, you cannot carry out the entire purchasing process on our website. This is because due to the solution you wish to purchase and your area of residence, you may or may not need to buy through a local Dantherm Group representative. We will facilitate this when you use the 'I want to buy' button for the DC air-conditioning unit of your choice.

Can I bulk buy DC air-conditioning units for a large project?

Yes, we can fulfil bulk orders across our range of DC air-con units for large, bespoke projects. Get in contact with our experts or go direct to your local Dantherm Group representative to discuss the exact needs of your project and how we can meet your requirements.

Can I speak to someone for technical advice to buy the right DC air-conditioning unit?

At Dantherm Group, we pride ourselves on ensuring all solutions we supply are tailored to your precise needs. Our decades of experience and total control over the design and manufacture of our range of DC air-conditioning systems means we can provide you with bespoke, technical advice to ensure you receive the most efficient, effective and sustainable solution.

Reach out to our experts for a free, specialist consultation about your specifications so we can advise you on the most suitable solution.

What is your delivery time for DC air-conditioning units?

This depends. For some standard DC air-conditioning units, as well as their accessories and consumables, we offer day-to-day delivery. Larger or more complex orders will likely have a longer lead time.

For detailed information on when you can expect to receive the solutions you are interested in, please reach out to your local Dantherm Group representative.

Do you sell DC air-conditioning units to private individuals?

No. Dantherm Group DC air-conditioning units included on this website are sold only to industry professionals either directly or via our extensive network of suppliers.

Do you provide support, servicing and parts for these DC air-conditioning units?

Yes. We have dedicated offices, suppliers and servicing partners based across Europe to provide timely, ongoing support across our entire range of DC air-conditioning units. You can get in touch through our contact form and we will make sure your enquiry is handled by the office or service partner best suited to your needs.

We also have an extensive network of spare parts dealers throughout Europe, who are geared to provide you with a complete stock of spare parts for your units. We are committed to catering to your needs and getting you the required parts as quickly and easily as possible

How can I become a supplier to sell your DC air-conditioning units?

If you would like to become a supplier of Dantherm Group DC air-conditioning units, please refer to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Get in touch with our team via email or over the phone if you have an enquiry, and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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