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Aerial ASE 300 – commercial adsorption dehumidifier | commercial dehumidifier
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Adsorption dehumidifiers

High performance adsorption dryer for low temperature areas.

Aerial ASE 400 – adsorption dehumidifier
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Adsorption dehumidifiers

Ideally suited for dehumidification of large spaces with low temperatures, the portable ASE dehumidifiers are extremely compact, sturdy and light-weight adsorption dryers.

Dantherm SD 400 adsorption dehumidifier
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Industrial drying – desiccant

A series of compact and efficient 4-hole desiccant dehumidifiers made of stainless steel (SS304) designed for moisture control in a wide range of applications.

Dantherm SD 3500 adsorption dehumidifier
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Industrial drying – desiccant

A range of compact, high-capacity adsorption dehumidifiers with great flexibility in airflow rates with advanced PLC control suitable for both commercial and industrial applications.

Dantherm SD 9000 desiccant dehumidifier
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Industrial drying – desiccant

A range of powerful adsorption dehumidifiers with a wide range of air flow rates, insulated enclosures and pre- and post-treatment options, for both commercial and industrial applications.

Dantherm SD 6000 desiccant dehumidifier
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Industrial drying – desiccant

Large, powerful adsorption dehumidifiers with a wide range of air flow rates, insulated cabinets, internal energy-saving cleaning zone and a range of optional features.

Dantherm SD 55000 desiccant dehumidifier
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Industrial drying – desiccant

The range of adsorption dehumidifiers with extra large air volumes and dehumidification capacity, designed and engineered to meet individual needs.

Dantherm SD 440 MINI MAX compact climate system
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Compact desiccant dehumidfier

Compact "plug & play" air conditioning system with sorption dehumidification, humidification. Cooling and heating. Well suited for museums and archive rooms up to approx. 50m².

Dantherm C Serien dehumidifier with condenser
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SD 400C - SD 500C - SD 800C - SD 1100C - SD 1300C - SD 2300C - SD 3300C

Industrial sorption dehumidifiers with condensers based on the SD series from 400 - 3300m³/h that convert the moist return air into water. Suitable when the distance to the exhaust air is large.

Dantherm SD ICE series
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Desiccant dehumidifiers for cold rooms/freezers/ice rooms

Dantherm SD ICE is a range of dehumidifiers specially designed to dehumidify the air in cold stores and ice rinks.

Dantherm TTR 800 desiccant dehumidifier
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Industrial desiccant dehumidifier

A versatile dehumidifier with a dehumidification performance of 86kg/24h, suitable for various industrial applications.

Dantherm TTR 1400 desiccant dehumidifier
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Industrial desiccant dehumidifier

Flexible all-rounder with 177kg/24h dehumidification performance for various industrial applications.

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Why choose adsorption dehumidifiers?

Adsorption dehumidifiers, otherwise known as desiccant dehumidifiers, are one of two commonly used types of systems able to efficiently dry and process indoor air. While both these and condensation units are designed for the same outcome – dry air flow – they approach this process differently and are best suited to different environments.

Adsorption dehumidifiers can operate efficiently and effectively in cool environments between -10°C and +10°C, such as water damage restoration projects, pharmaceutical plants and archives.

Condense dehumidifiers, on the other hand, operate as energy efficiently as possible in warmer environments between 10°C and 32°C, including data centres, construction sites and swimming pools.

Beyond their applications, adsorption and desiccant dehumidifiers also differ in how they operate.

To produce a dry air stream, industrial adsorption dehumidifiers first draw in process air. Once ducted inside the machine, a revolving desiccant wheel loaded with an adsorbent material, such as silica gel, works to capture water vapour from the atmosphere. Once saturated with water, the integral drying agent is then heated, draining water from the material out of the machine. The air outlet then emits a stream of dry air.

This differs from condensation dehumidifiers, which control humidity levels by cooling humid air to its dew point. As water vapour condenses into droplets, dry air flow is emitted and unwanted moisture is drained away.

By harnessing the natural process of desiccation, adsorption dry air solutions are exceptionally good at keeping humidity levels within desired parameters while also keeping energy consumption low.

To learn more about our selection of industrial and commercial adsorption dehumidifiers, speak to one of our experts today. Together, we can help you choose the ideal unit for your requirements.

Adsorption dehumidifiers: Frequently Asked Questions

How does an adsorption dehumidifier work?

Adsorption dehumidifiers are a type of unit able to dry indoor spaces. To do this, damp air is drawn into the machine. Desiccant materials housed within the unit then capture this moisture, and drain it out of the system by blowing hot air over the desiccant. The hot, moist air is then exhausted out of the space and dry air is pushed back into the room, helping control humidity levels.

What are the benefits of using an adsorption dehumidifier?

Adsorption dehumidifiers are an effective way of controlling indoor humidity levels, as this type of dryer can achieve a relative humidity as low as 5%. They are also highly versatile, able to work efficiently between -10°C and +10°C, and can be ducted to dry multiple rooms at once.

Can an adsorption dehumidifier also cool the air?

No. Adsorption dehumidifiers extract moisture from the air without lowering the temperature. If this is something you are interested in, consider exploring our extensive range of air cooling solutions.

Are adsorption dehumidifiers better than compressor-based dehumidifiers?

Adsorption dehumidifiers and compressor-based dryers, commonly referred to as condense dehumidifiers, have different strengths and weaknesses. This makes each type of unit ideal for specific types of applications.

For drying out water damaged property, or preserving the ideal climate inside of cellars, adsorption technology is often the unit of choice. This is because these systems operate efficiently in cool environments, and can dry spaces to a very low relative humidity.

Condense dehumidifiers, on the other hand, are better suited to warmer spaces where the humidity level needs to be maintained at 40% or more. This makes them ideal for archives, laundry drying and certain food manufacturing processes.

When and why would you use an adsorption dehumidifier?

When excess moisture threatens the integrity of a building, the health of its occupants, or specific processes within, an adsorption dehumidifier is an essential component in maintaining ideal conditions inside.

Whether drying water damaged property, or preserving foodstuffs, these types of dryers are designed to remove large amounts of moisture efficiently and effectively in cool environments. This makes adsorption dehumidifiers good at:

  • Preserving historic documents in archives

  • Drying water damaged property

  • Manufacturing pharmaceuticals

  • Upholding the quality of foodstuffs

  • Preventing cellars from becoming overly damp

Is an adsorption dehumidifier the same as a desiccant dehumidifier?

Yes. Adsorption dehumidifier and desiccant dehumidifier are both terms that refer to the same type of drying system.

How can I find out what size dehumidifier I need?

Selecting the right sized dehumidifier is crucial. Not only can it impact the effectiveness of the equipment, it can also influence how energy efficient a solution is in practice.

To determine what capacity dryer would perform best for you, it is important to carefully consider factors, such as:

  • The size of a space

  • The level of moisture inside

  • The temperature of an environment

  • Target humidities

To guide you through this process, speak to one of our experts. With more than six decades of climate control experience, we can direct you toward the right solution, and put you in touch with your nearest supplier.

What is the best adsorption dehumidifier for commercial use?

Depending on the needs of your space, the amount of moisture in your room, and the size of your environment, the adsorption dehumidifier best suited to your space will vary.

Responsible for tens of thousands of installations since 1958, our team of professionals have the expertise to find the best solution for you, whatever your requirements.

Can I buy your adsorption dehumidifiers online?

For all of our adsorption dehumidifiers, VAT-registered companies can get a quote very quickly by pressing 'I want to buy' and inserting their enquiry and contact details.

However, you cannot carry out the entire purchasing process on our website. This is because due to the dehumidifier you wish to purchase and your area of residence, you may or may not need to buy through a local Dantherm Group representative. We will facilitate this when you use the 'I want to buy' button for the product of your choice.

Can I bulk buy adsorption dehumidifiers for a large project?

Yes, we can fulfil bulk orders across our range of adsorption dehumidifiers for large, bespoke projects. Get in contact with our experts or go direct to your local Dantherm Group representative to discuss the exact needs of your project and how we can meet your requirements.

Can I speak to someone for technical advice to buy the right adsorption dehumidifier?

At Dantherm Group, we pride ourselves on ensuring all solutions we supply are tailored to your precise needs. Our decades of experience and total control over the design and manufacture of our range of adsorption dryers means we can provide you with bespoke, technical advice to ensure you receive the most efficient, effective and sustainable solution.

Reach out to our experts for a free, specialist consultation about your specifications so we can advise you on the most suitable dehumidifier.

What is your delivery time for adsorption dehumidifiers?

This depends. For some standard adsorption dryers, as well as their accessories and consumables, we offer day-to-day delivery. Larger or more complex orders will likely have a longer lead time.

For detailed information on when you can expect to receive the solutions you are interested in, please reach out to your local Dantherm Group representative.

Do you sell adsorption dryers to private individuals?

No. Dantherm Group dehumidifiers included on this website are sold only to industry professionals either directly or via our extensive network of suppliers.

Do you provide support, servicing and parts for these adsorption dehumidifiers?

Yes. We have dedicated offices, suppliers and servicing partners based across Europe to provide timely, ongoing support across our entire range of desiccant dehumidifiers. You can get in touch through our contact form and we will make sure your enquiry is handled by the office or service partner best suited to your needs.

We also have an extensive network of spare parts dealers throughout Europe, who are geared to provide you with a complete stock of spare parts. We are committed to catering to your needs and getting you the required parts as quickly and easily as possible.

How can I become a supplier to sell your adsorption dryers?

If you would like to become a supplier of Dantherm Group adsorption dehumidifiers, please refer to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Get in touch with our team via email or over the phone if you have an enquiry, and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.

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