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Equipment you can rely on in a cooling emergency

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In this article, we cover a range of emergency cooling situations where rental companies can save the day – providing they have the best portable units in stock.

When do you have a cooling emergency on your hands?

When you need a temporary air-conditioning unit, and you need it fast, finding an efficient, reliable system and receiving it in time can avert all kinds of catastrophes. It’s what makes our Danish-made ACT 7 units a top choice for the rental companies helping to resolve emergency situations across Europe.

From fitness centres to data centres, there are many types of customer that could be requesting temporary air cooling solutions at a moment’s notice. While the causes and ramifications of each situation may be vastly different, in all cases, reliability, speed of installation, and ease of use are critical.

When it comes to temporary air cooling, simplicity gives you flexibility. It’s what makes the ACT 7 suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Indoor events
    You can never predict the weather. And when your venue isn’t equipped to handle the heat on the day, the comfort and safety of your guests depends on sourcing and installing the right cooling solution with minimal disruption.

    As event organisers will know all too well, last-minute changes can have a major knock-on effect. Your emergency cooling system needs to be quick to install, compact, efficient and simple enough to use without specialist training
  • Data centres and server rooms
    Unregulated heat in data centres causes damage to sensitive equipment such as motherboards, hard drives and connecting sockets.

    Far worse than a minor inconvenience, outages and unplanned downtime can mean substantial extra costs and loss of business.

  • Facilities management
    Security and maintenance personnel are key for the smooth-running of commercial buildings. But in order to do their jobs efficiently, it’s vital that they have safe and comfortable working conditions.

    In unusually hot climates, or when existing air conditioning breaks down, the functionality and security of a building can be compromised. In these cases, it’s essential to have an effective substitute in place as soon as possible.

  • Retail premises
    Retailers spend a great deal of time and money creating comfortable and welcoming environments for shoppers. When air-conditioning breaks down and heat becomes an issue, simply substituting in electric fans will only move air around the space.

    Installing an effective temporary cooling solution can be the difference between great customer experience and putting shoppers off making a purchase or returning to a store in the future.

  • Offices
    Workplaces are required by law to create safe and comfortable working conditions for their employees. To meet these requirements, modern office buildings often rely on fixed cooling solutions to circulate cool air around the building.

    When these systems fail, the resulting increase in temperature will not only make it more difficult (or impossible) to meet heat safety regulations, but will also slow productivity and increase the rate of errors. For the health and wellbeing of staff and to avoid potential costs to the business, the timely implementation of temporary cooling is essential.

  • Small workshops
    Low quality insulation, heat-intensive machinery and equipment, as well as the physical nature of the work being carried out, means that small workshops are particularly susceptible to the effects of rising temperatures. And when heat cannot be controlled, both safety and output are at risk.

    When choosing a temporary cooling solution, workshops have to take specific factors into account including, energy costs and practicality – it’s important that the unit is compact so as not to impede work, or become a trip hazard for staff

  • Fitness rooms
    When customers are training in gyms and fitness rooms, both body and room temperatures will rise. In any normal indoor climate, preventing excessive levels of heat is already a top priority.

    When equipment failure strikes, the atmosphere quickly becomes unpleasant for both staff and paying customers. For people exercising, it also increases the risk of dehydration and other heat related illnesses including heat cramps and heat stroke. In this kind of emergency, you need a solution that is quick to install and powerful enough to provide the level of cooling needed.

  • Restaurant kitchens
    Even the most exclusive restaurants are not exempt from the need to combat heat emitted by hot kitchens or allowed in from outside by poorly insulated buildings.

    As well as catering for the comfort of diners, the preservation of equipment, hygiene and food safety is reliant on a regulated climate. In most countries, a failure to meet health department regulations, including climate control, puts restaurants at the risk of being forced to shut down.

Temporary cooling on-demand

For the examples listed above and other critical cooling scenarios, the ACT 7 is one of the fastest, most effective and cost-efficient solutions available. Its durable construction and compact design for fitting through doors, staircases and lifts, give it the flexibility to handle all kinds of emergencies.

How does it work?

Key benefits
Achieve mobile cooling in minutes with easy installation and no prior cooling knowledge needed:

  • Sturdy metal construction

  • Exceptional energy-efficiency

  • No need for large exhaust ducts (only requires a water/glycol hose connection between indoor and outdoor units)

  • Fits through narrow doors and into elevators

  • Flexible settings for added comfort

  • Fully adjustable air direction and speed

  • Air-conditioning or recirculation

  • Handles for easy maneuvering

  • High-gloss paint for easier cleaning

  • Connect two outdoor units for one indoor system for double the power and achieve efficient cooling at outdoor temperatures of up to 45°C

  • Up to 30 meter installation distance between indoor and outdoor units

Expertise from Dantherm

The ACT 7 is a popular choice for hire companies who want to have a versatile and reliable system in stock to meet the wide-ranging demands of their various customers – especially in the hot season.

To learn more about this product and our other portable cooling solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts via the form below.

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