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Remote monitoring of portable heaters – a game changer in the event and rental industries

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Rental companies and special events companies owning and managing a fleet of portable heaters are naturally very interested in making sure their equipment operates safely and efficiently at all times. For such companies, and others that frequently use portable heaters, remote monitoring, such as Master’s newly released InfoAir technology, offers unparalleled control, improved safety, and the ability to fully utilise their portable heaters. This article offers a deep dive into the benefits of this game-changing technology.

Portable heaters offer superb flexibility and value for money, and they have been used for decades across the globe in various industrial and commercial settings, right from construction sites to farming sheds and events. Until now, they have typically operated without communication tool and to check their operational status, physical onsite visits have been required. For companies owning and managing a large fleet of units this is a time-consuming and expensive task that may result in equipment running idle in between the visits.

Remote monitoring helps avoid these and other issues by offering the following benefits:

  1. Simplified fleet management
  2. Enhanced safety and compliance
  3. Preventive maintenance and minimised downtime
  4. Optimal resource allocation
  5. Cost savings and customer satisfaction
  6. Remote troubleshooting and technical support

1. Simplified fleet management

Managing a fleet of portable heaters can be a daunting task. Remote monitoring provides rental and special events companies with a centralised platform to monitor and control their entire heater fleet. Real-time data on each unit's performance, temperature, and operational status can be accessed from a single interface. This holistic view streamlines fleet management, allowing for proactive decision-making and optimising resource allocation.

2. Enhanced safety and compliance

Safety is of utmost importance in rental and special events settings. Remote monitoring enables continuous and real-time monitoring of critical parameters, such as temperature levels and potential malfunctions. This capability helps detect anomalies and safety risks promptly, allowing for immediate intervention. Alerts and notifications can be sent to personnel, enabling quick action and mitigating potential hazards. Moreover, remote monitoring simplifies compliance reporting by automating data collection and documentation, ensuring adherence to safety regulations.

3. Preventive maintenance and minimised downtime

The efficient operation of portable heaters is crucial to meeting client demands and ensuring customer satisfaction. Remote monitoring systems provide valuable insights into the health and performance of each unit. By monitoring parameters such as usage patterns, energy consumption, and error codes, maintenance teams can implement preventive maintenance measures and schedule repairs or servicing as required. Proactive maintenance minimises unexpected downtime, improves equipment reliability, and maximises the availability of heaters for rental or event usage.

4. Optimal resource allocation

Rental and special events companies often operate in dynamic environments with varying heating requirements. Remote monitoring allows for real-time visibility into heating demands across different locations and events. Facility managers can remotely adjust heating settings and activate/deactivate equipment in specific areas as needed. This flexibility optimises resource allocation, reduces energy waste, and enhances operational efficiency.

5. Cost savings and customer satisfaction

Remote monitoring delivers tangible cost savings for rental and special events companies. By optimising energy consumption and reducing downtime through preventive maintenance, companies can significantly lower operating costs. Moreover, remote monitoring ensures the availability of fully functional heaters, minimising the risk of equipment failure during crucial rental or event periods. Reliable heating solutions enhance customer satisfaction, foster positive reviews, and lead to repeat business.

6. Remote troubleshooting and technical support

In the event of an issue or malfunction, remote monitoring facilitates remote troubleshooting and technical support. Service technicians can remotely access the monitoring system, diagnose problems, and guide on-site staff to resolve issues efficiently. This capability saves time and resources by avoiding unnecessary trips to the equipment's physical location, reducing downtime and minimising disruptions to rental or event operations.

Remote monitoring benefits for portable heaters

How does InfoAir from Master work?

Master’s remote monitoring technology, called InfoAir, has the following functions and is fully compatible with computers and smartphones. All data communication handled via the InfoAir system is date and time stamped for documentation purposes.

Detection of electricity availability and voltage level

Remote monitoring enables the system to detect the availability of electricity and monitor the voltage level. This is particularly useful in areas where power supply is unreliable or prone to fluctuations. By continuously monitoring the electricity availability and voltage, the system can provide real-time information to users or operators, allowing them to take appropriate actions if the power supply is interrupted or if voltage levels are outside the acceptable range. This helps ensure the safe and efficient operation of the portable heater.

Detection of on/off status

Remote monitoring allows for the detection of the on/off status of the portable heater. This feature provides valuable information about the operational state of the heater. By remotely monitoring the on/off status, users or operators can verify whether the heater is functioning as intended, helping to prevent situations where the heater may accidentally be left on when not in use (or left off when it was supposed to be running). Additionally, in case of any malfunctions or unexpected shutdowns, the remote monitoring system can alert the relevant parties, enabling timely intervention and minimising potential risks.

Detection of fuel level

Remote monitoring can also track the fuel level in portable heaters. By monitoring the fuel level remotely, users or operators can be informed in advance when the fuel is running low. This helps in planning and ensuring that the heater is refueled before it completely runs out, avoiding interruptions in heating and providing a more convenient user experience. The remote monitoring system can send notifications or alerts when the fuel level reaches a predetermined threshold, prompting timely action.

GPS tracker

Including a GPS tracker in the remote monitoring system provides an additional layer of functionality and benefits. By integrating GPS technology, the system can accurately track the location of portable heaters. This feature is useful in scenarios where heaters are deployed in various locations, such as construction sites, outdoor events, or temporary structures. The GPS tracker allows users or operators to easily locate and retrieve the heaters when needed, improving operational efficiency and reducing the risk of theft or loss. It also enables efficient fleet management by providing real-time information on the location of multiple heaters simultaneously. It should also be mentioned that there are populated places in the world high above sea level where the use of an oil heater requires changing burner settings for proper operation. The GPS Tracker provides altitude information which is helpful in determining if/when this is necessary.

Alarm notifications and threshold exceedance

The remote monitoring system can be configured to set specific thresholds for various parameters, such as voltage levels, fuel levels, or any other relevant parameters. If any of these thresholds are exceeded, the system can generate alarms or notifications to alert users or operators. This proactive approach helps prevent potential issues, safety hazards, or equipment failures. For example, if the voltage level drops below a certain threshold, indicating a potential electrical problem, the system can send an alarm, enabling prompt investigation and resolution. Likewise, alarm notifications are very beneficial for detection of unusual high levels of rapid fuel consumption. This may have various reasons including theft or leakage. In both cases, a quick response makes it possible to limit costs of potential damages to property and the environment.

By providing real-time alerts, the remote monitoring system enhances safety, improves efficiency, and reduces the likelihood of financial loss.

Report generation

InfoAir makes it possible to create reports on a timeline according to the desired parameters. Their proper interpretation is an invaluable help in preparing the set up for subsequent jobs. Above all, it delivers hard evidence and documents the quality of the work done, which is of considerable importance in disputable situations.

Product compatibility

In the beginning, InfoAir will be introduced for our new AIR-BUS heaters. Currently it is available for the BV 471SE model. Compatibility will be offered with other models later on.

By embracing this innovative technology, rental and special events companies can stay ahead of the competition while providing exceptional service to their clients. Contact us for more information about InfoAir.

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