Ready. Set. Go! The new Dantherm Group website is now live.

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We’ve published a new digital world of climate solutions for professionals. Come read expert articles and experience a wealth of leading products.

The Dantherm Group today announced the release of a fully revamped website that includes all product and solution offerings across all brands of the Group.

The ambition with the new joint website is to share with everyone the knowledge and expertise we have accumulated since the first brand of the Group was founded in the mid-1950s.

Inhouse experts sharing knowledge

On release, we are publishing around 150 painpoint-led or technology-led insights articles helping industry professionals stay tuned on the latest technology developments or overcome climate control challenges be they related to heating, cooling, drying, ventilation and more. We will continue to populate the site with a steady stream of new articles going forward.

Solutions built with care

This is supported by what is probably the most comprehensive portfolio of products and solutions all of which have been carefully crafted with a view to reliability, performance, environmental friendliness, and, of course return on investment for you.

See for yourself

Visuals can do so much more than plain words, so to cut a long story short please join the fun and check out the website for your personal online experience.

Do note that language versions of the website are scheduled to follow over the coming months. Until they are ready, the original brand sites will remain online.

Reach out to an expert

Need help with choosing the right solution? Our team of over 100 climate control experts can assist.
You can also reach out or join the discussion on our Social Media. Check out our LinkedIn page.