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The importance of proper dehumidification for your pool

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The challenge

Pool hall air contains moisture which when left unresolved can lead to discomfort, mould or possible structural damage.

Why dehumidify?

An indoor swimming pool is a wonderful leisure and exercise environment but the evaporation from the water surface poses real problems for the building structure. Prolonged exposure to high humidity causes walls, decorative finishes and roofs to deteriorate rapidly.

Personal comfort is also of prime importance. High humidity causes personal discomfort and unless the environment is controlled, bathers will be prevented from enjoying the swimming pool. Bathers appreciate comfortable humidity in the range 55%-65%.


When a pool is uncovered, evaporation is inevitable leading to excess humidity in the air. The problems caused by this excess humidity include discomfort, condensation, misting, damp, mould, mildew, corrosion and building deterioration.

As water evaporates from the pool, it takes a significant amount of heat with it. The traditional approach came in the form of wasteful extraction that removes this energy from the pool hall.

How a dehumidifier works

The process of dehumidification involves moisture-laden air being drawn into a dehumidifier where the air passes across a refrigerated coil. The air is rapidly cooled below its dew point, condensing the water vapour and recovering its latent heat energy for re-use. The cooled air is then passed across the condenser where it is reheated and returned to the served area at the required lower relative humidity.

The solution

The Calorex range of purpose built, stylish dehumidifiers for humidity control and energy recovery in indoor swimming pools.

Our products

High-performance low-cost dehumidifiers minimise the need for costly air extraction. Operating on the heat pump principle, these high-performance units recirculate pool air – removing the moisture content and delivering warm, dry air back to the pool hall. By working in this way, they maintain a comfortable humidity, minimise condensation and keep heating costs at the lowest possible level.

Rapid installation, flexible operation

Fully self-contained units, Calorex dehumidifiers require minimal installation. When it comes to operation, units offer quiet, reliable and safe performance. Flexibility is built-in. DH 33 and DH 55 models come with a specially styled barrel type discharge that allows air to be directed in an 80° range between horizontal and vertical, thus allowing installation at high or low level.

Energy saving

Removing humidity from the air enables the Calorex dehumidifier to absorb latent energy and return it to the pool air as useful air heating. Its heat pump technology converts 2.5kW to air heating for every 1kW of electricity consumed – a real bonus for running costs!

So that the best choice can be made, a full range of units is available. Each is supplied with full installation kit, and sound insulation. The Calorex dehumidifier range includes wall mounted and floor standing units.

Low temperature operation

Your pool hall still needs protection when you aren’t using it, but economy dictates that you drop the air heating levels when you are away. The standard defrost function allows operation down to temperatures just above freezing to ensure moisture control even in cold conditions.


  • Installation on use
  • Energy efficient
  • Low temperature operation
  • Available with air heating option
  • Automatic operation
  • Quality construction
  • Optional features
  • Simple installation
  • Heat recovery to air

Contact our team about our extensive heat pump and water chiller range.

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