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Inverter heat pumps for outdoor pools

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Here’s how heat pumps work and why those fitted with inverter technology outperform all other alternatives.

One of the most inviting features of an outdoor pool is the comfortable warmth of the water, which is why it’s so important to prevent heat being lost to the atmosphere. With a need for new energy to be constantly re-supplied and the right temperature retained, the right heat pumps provide the most sustainable, energy-efficient solution and will save you up to 75% on operating costs.

The basic operating principle of heat pumps for outdoor swimming pools

A heat pump uses electricity and refrigerant to move heat from one location to another. To provide heat, it extracts heat from outside air and transfers it to a refrigeration coolant – the coolant is then compressed, which increases the temperature significantly. The now hot coolant is then moved to the pool water side of the heat pump, which then passes pool water over the pipework containing hot coolant, increasing the temperature of your swimming pool water.

How do inverter heat pumps work?

Applying inverter technology in outdoor swimming pool heat pumps is relatively new. The technology makes it possible to run the fan and the compressor within the heat pump at variable speeds. Therefore, the inverter heat pump is capable of adjusting output to match the actual demand from the pool very accurately.

Temperature control chart
Temperature control chart

Upon reaching the temperature you have set for the pool, the inverter heat pump will reduce the output to somewhere between 25% and 50% of the maximum power. At that output, the heat pump is capable of achieving a COP of just over 13, i.e. it can deliver 13kW of heat to the pool for every kW of electricity used.

Are there alternatives to heat pumps?

Outdoor swimming pools can be heated using gas boilers, oil boilers, electricity, on/off heat pumps or inverter heat pumps. Both types of heat pumps may well come at a higher investment cost than the other alternatives, but in return they offer significantly lower operating costs. Simply because they are much more efficient due to their ability to reuse heat.

Heating method efficiency chart
Heating method efficiency chart

Of the two heat pump technologies, the inverter heat pumps allow for the most efficient control of the pool temperature, because they only use what energy is needed when it is required. In fact, there are no other heating technologies for outdoor pools that are equally efficient.

Our new range of inverter heat pumps is ideal for small and medium-sized outdoor swimming pools and spas. Being two times more efficient than traditional on/off heat pumps, they reduce energy consumption while boosting heat production. And they work from temperatures as low as -5°C, effectively enabling pool owners to extend the outdoor pool season by several months.

Every pool environment is different and must be treated individually. That’s why Calorex heat pump swimming pool heaters can be delivered in a variety of versions. There’s always one that fits your needs.

For information about the options available, or for more about swimming pool heat pump technology, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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