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The power of dehumidification in classic car storage

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Calorex DH 300 Car Storage

See the value of Calorex dehumidifiers in preserving the quality and value of classic cars for yourself by exploring the solution that we provided for Chrome Classic Investments.

Classic cars are more than mere machines – they are works of art. They are mobile monuments of history that people go a long way to protect, preserve and celebrate.

In fact, many dealerships and storage facilities exist worldwide catering specifically to lovers of motorised memorabilia. Take Chrome Classic Investments for instance – a business built for classic car enthusiasts and collectors.

Beyond just storing, brokering, buying and selling vintage motors, they give customers the complete classic car ownership experience, from dressing garages with memorabilia, organising photo opportunities and tailored detailing work.

However, in order for Chrome Classic Investments and similar companies to make this all possible for prestige car owners, they need to be able to store their collection of motors in a way that will preserve their quality and condition while they sit in storage. For this to happen, a robust dehumidification system is vital.

Here, we will describe how Calorex’s powerful dehumidifiers offered the ideal solution for Chrome Classic Investments in protecting their magnificent menagerie of machines.

How Calorex countered Chrome Classic Investments’ storage conundrum

In order to provide the game-changing experience for classic car aficionados that they intended, Chrome Classic Investments would have upwards of 30 cars in storage at any given time.

This presented a problem. For as beautiful as prestige motors are, they are decidedly more fragile than their modern equivalents. They need to be treated with much more care and attention to detail to preserve their original condition, which is what collectors will want to see maintained.

But, as a lot of classic cars are constructed with steel, leather, wood and similar old-school materials, they are highly susceptible to rust and moisture damage. Any signs of these will be extremely costly to counter, and in some instances no amount of cleaning or polishing will restore its original state, reducing its value to collectors.

Corrosion of steel chart

So, for Chrome Classic Investments, keeping 30+ vintage motors in optimal quality and free of moisture was a top priority. That is why they were interested in the potential of our Calorex dehumidifiers.

The optimal humidity for classic car storage lies between 40% RH and 60% RH. Any higher than this and steel will corrode. Any lower and leather features can turn brittle and plastics can form cracks. Using a pair of DH 300 units in their facility would provide a system powerful and dependable enough to create and maintain the right environment.

But, above this, these would also prevent any unwanted fluctuations in humidity, which can negatively affect the pristine conditions of these machines. Calorex’s solutions draw in the necessary amount of moisture and deliver a suitable amount of warm, dry air to maintain a consistent level of humidity across their storage facility.

Since we introduced these units, Chrome Classic Investments have been delighted by the results:

“The dehumidifiers supplied have been an excellent solution. They are doing exactly what we are after. They draw a lot of moisture from the air and are providing a heated environment keeping the motors and their interiors in excellent condition.” – Perry Ataliotis, Director

For more information, check out the complete case study.

What this teaches about classic car storage and climate control

The Chrome Classic Investments story provides several crucial lessons about how to optimise a classic car storage setting:

1. Dehumidification is crucial to preserving value
First and foremost, it illustrates the need to maintain a comfortable, consistent level of humidity in the facility to protect the quality and value of these vehicles. Without systems such as this, excessive or fluctuating humidity levels will greatly reduce the look of these machines and their ability to drive, making them less valuable from a collector’s standpoint.

2. The importance of choosing the right solution
Chrome Classic Investments spoke to multiple suppliers before choosing Calorex, and a big factor in their decision was that we demonstrated a clear knowledge of the needs of storage facilities like this.

Our choice of two DH 300 units was based on the scale of the facility, and the number of vehicles that would need to be looked after. Accounting for this when selecting your solution is vital in ensuring it will maintain the optimal humidity to protect these machines.

3. The need for specialist support
“When we spoke to Jeremy, his knowledge of car storage was excellent, and he knew exactly what we were after to help get this project off the ground.” – Perry Ataliotis, Director

Another major factor in Chrome Classic Investments was our team’s commitment to supporting post-purchase and installation. With access to a network of service engineers, their dehumidifiers will remain in the optimal condition to continue to meet their classic cars’ requirements.

Remember, the relationship with your supplier should extend beyond the immediate sale. It needs to be an agreeable, beneficial partnership for the long-term success of the project.

Find your own classic car storage solution

If you have been inspired by Chrome Classic Investments’ example to pursue the ideal dehumidification solution, our team is more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Calorex dehumidifiers are capable of preserving the quality of these highly sought-after vehicles, with a variety of units to suit different sizes of facility. Whether you are a private collector with 1 or 2 models at home, or a commercial site with dozens of cars stored at any given time, we can determine the ideal solution for you.

Benefit from over 20 years’ experience supporting the prestige and classic car industry. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your options.

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