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Keep your equipment and clothing ready for action

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Wetsuits, protective clothing and specialist equipment for outdoor activities are designed to take a lot. But that doesn’t make them immune to the effects of damp and humidity.

In all kinds of leisure and recreation facilities, like outdoor pursuits centres, the drying room is one of the most important parts of the building. It’s what keeps clothing and equipment working at its best, allows for more bookings and adds to your visitors’ unforgettable experiences.

Drying time is money

When your activities are fully booked, you need your equipment to be ready to go as soon as possible after every use.

Installing a drying room is the simplest, and by far the most effective, solution. They require almost zero maintenance and will help you shave money off your energy bills in the long run. This makes them a sound investment for any outdoor activities centre.

Why heating alone isn’t enough

In an attempt to speed up the drying process, it’s tempting to crank up the heating. But in reality, this will do more harm than good.

Because warm air can hold more moisture than cold air, you actually end up creating a humid environment inside the room – perfect for mould, bacteria and dust mites to take hold. Opening windows is normally the only option for ventilation, but during winter months this is neither an efficient or cost effective solution.

Unlike traditional heating systems, condensation dehumidifiers physically remove moisture from the air to reduce humidity levels and prevent condensation forming on surfaces. Investing in a condensation dehumidifier for your drying room will help you:

  • Accommodate more visitors
    With clothing and equipment drying faster, you can say yes to more bookings.

  • Make your clothing and equipment last longer
    Save on expensive repairs or replacements by reducing the chances of rot and mildew.

    Protect your building

  • Stop moisture from wet clothes and equipment from seeping into walls, fabric and wood.

    Give your guests the best experience possible

  • Damp clothing and faulty equipment are not likely to inspire glowing reviews from visitors.

What does a condensation dehumidifier do differently

Fast-drying, energy efficient, compact and self contained, condensation dehumidifiers provide a constant flow of warm, dry air. Dehumidifiers from Calorex are some of the most effective systems out there and are even relied upon by the emergency services, where wet uniforms and equipment could be potentially life-threatening.

The drying process explained

How a refrigerant dehumidifier works

  • Damp air is drawn into the dehumidifier and across a refrigerated coil

  • The air is cooled below its dew point, condensing the water vapour

  • Latent heat energy is recovered and re-used

  • Cooled air passes across the condenser and reheated

  • The warm dry air is then returned to the room at the required humidity

Key benefits of Calorex dehumidifiers:

  • High performance level, even in unheated rooms

  • Powerful centrifugal fan

  • Professional hot gas automatic defrost

  • Automatic hygrostat controlled dehumidification

  • Can connect to an external condensation drain or condensate pump

  • Self contained

Investing in a drying room is easier than you might think

With a simple installation process as well as wall-mounted or freestanding options, a bespoke dehumidifier setup from Calorex can help you turn almost any room into a drying room. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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Calorex DH 15 – condensation dehumidifier
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Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

The DH 15 wall-mounted dehumidifier has a compact design for installation in small areas, making it an ideal solution for stairwells, corridors and changing rooms.

Calorex DH 30 – condensation dehumidifier
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Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

The DH 30 is a high-performance, low-cost wall-mounted dehumidifier with integrated air heating option available.

Calorex DH 60 – condensation dehumidifier
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Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

The DH 60 is our number one solution for drying out clothes and equipment in fire stations and recreational drying rooms as these high-performance dehumidifiers recirculate the air and physically remove moisture from it.

Calorex DH 150 – condensation dehumidifier
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Large-capacity floor-standing dehumidifiers

The DH 150 high-capacity floor-standing dehumidifier is self-contained with fully automatic operation.

Calorex DH 300 – condensation dehumidifier
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Large-capacity floor-standing dehumidifiers

With integral humidistat, and options for heating, condensate pump and external condenser unit, and high-pressure fan, you can be sure in your space being controlled to your demands.

Calorex DH 75-110 – swimming pool and commercial dehumidifiers
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Floor-standing swimming pool and commercial dehumidifiers

With high moisture extraction for low energy use, as well as being corrosion free and easy to clean, these dehumidifiers are ideal for keeping humidity under control.

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