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Don’t let damp equipment put lives at risk

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With the emergency services working in some of the most extreme environments and high-pressure conditions imaginable, keeping Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in optimum condition has to be a top priority.

If a firefighter responds to a fire with any remaining dampness on their clothing, there is a high risk that the moisture will turn into steam and cause serious burns. For this reason, one of the most crucial elements of a fire station is its drying room.

When you are responding to emergency situations, seconds can cost lives. Firefighters need to be 100% confident that the clothing and kit they need to keep them safe is ready to go at a moment's notice. This means that their station’s drying solution needs to be fast, reliable and efficient. That’s why many stations choose a wall-mounted or freestanding dehumidifier from Calorex.

How our dehumidifiers work

Calorex dehumidifiers circulate air throughout the room to prevent it from condensing on surfaces, clothing and equipment, at the same time physically removing the moisture as it filters through the system.

As well as preventing the need to continuously reheat incoming air, our systems are able to take energy from moisture in the room and convert it to useful heat that accelerates the drying process.

How a Calorex desiccant dehumidifier works

The process

  • Damp air is drawn into the dehumidifier and across a refrigerated coil

  • The air is cooled below its dew point, condensing the water vapour

  • Latent heat energy is recovered and re-used

  • Cooled air passes across the condenser and reheated

  • The warm dry air is then returned to the room at the required humidity

Calorex provides a range of products suitable for all drying room sizes, with support from an in-house applications department and international service network.

Key benefits of Calorex dehumidifiers:

  • High performance level, even in unheated rooms

  • Powerful centrifugal fan

  • Professional hot gas automatic defrost

  • Automatic hygrostat controlled dehumidification

  • Can connect to an external condensation drain or condensate pump

  • Self contained

Why Essex Fire & Rescue chose Calorex

“Our drying room is key to helping and protecting our firefighters on a daily basis. The dehumidifier is ultimately our essential back-up to the fire and rescue service.”

At Maldon Fire Station in Essex, UK, the drying room is one of the most frequently used facilities in the building. With PPE and other equipment filling the room after use in emergencies and regular training sessions, the station’s dehumidifier is barely ever switched off.

After over 20 years of service, the station has only recently needed to replace their Calorex dehumidifier with a more up-to-date version. Even with constant use in a range of temperatures, our systems continue to be the most efficient and effective way of drying their equipment. Watch video below.

With a range of applications, dehumidifiers are used to protect teams working across the emergency services sector.

  • Fire service

  • Police

  • Ambulance

  • Lifeboats & Coastguard

Call on Calorex

Confidence in equipment is important in any sector, but in the emergency services it can be the difference between life and death. There is no time to deal with equipment that is underperforming, or dangerous, because of water damage. Talk to our team today to find out how our dehumidification solutions could help you in an emergency.

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