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The role of evaporative cooling in combatting COVID-19

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There’s no single method to eliminate COVID-19, but there are measures that you can take to create as healthy an indoor environment as possible. One of the most effective technologies available for climate control and keeping air fresh is evaporative cooling from Biocool.

Taking the correct precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne viruses is a move that many indoor facilities would like to make, but it’s hard to know where to start, which one is the most effective and how much you should invest.

However, there is one solution that has been a staple fixture for many businesses, schools and other organisations for some time – and not only does it ensure healthy air delivery, but it’s also incredibly cost-effective.

Evaporative cooling: What is it and why should you invest in it?

Evaporative cooling is a bioclimatic technology that delivers 100% ventilation and air renewal. As specialists in air quality and control, Biocool ensures a fresh and clean environment in an economical and healthy way.

With the air cycling between 15-20 air renewals per hour, there is constant air replacement in the space, providing a controlled level of ventilation, humidity and temperature. Not only does this reduce the spread of germs and microbes, it also creates comfort within a wide range of environments – be they industrial, educational or commercial.

What makes Biocool so good?

The combination of technology and functions of a Biocool evaporative cooler include:

  • Ventilation

  • Air renewal

  • Filtering

  • Ozone technology

  • Humidity control

Each of these features work on their own and synergistically to provide air quality that’s free of dust, odours, pollutants and viruses.

Outside of removing harsh air particles, the capabilities of evaporative cooling are vast and highly beneficial in a wide range of settings:

  • It reduces the temperature by between 7ºC and 20ºC depending on outdoor conditions

  • It consumes 80% less energy than an air conditioner

  • It improves air quality by displacing dust, fumes and odours

  • It allows air-conditioning of specific areas

  • There’s no need to close doors or windows when in use

  • It reduces static electricity

  • It improves productivity in industries by creating healthier environments

  • It doesn’t use polluting gases or refrigerants.

  • It guarantees 100% renewal of filtered and fresh outside air

Biocool bioclimatisation equipment features

What is the official advice on room climates and environments?

The latest publication of the European Federation of air-conditioning, REHVA COVID-19 guidance document, April 3, 2020, advises the following:

Increase ventilation through open doors and windows

Biocool allows air-conditioning to take place while doors and windows are open – reducing the concentration of the virus.

Increase the hours of ventilation in a traditional air-conditioner

With Biocool we create 100% natural ventilation of the outside air, and generate continuous renewal of the air quality. This keeps the environment free of particles and viruses, and reduces the possibility of spreading bacteria.

DO NOT turn off the air-conditioning during the weekend

This will dramatically increase energy consumption with a traditional air-conditioning unit. When using Biocool as an alternative, it consumes 80% less energy, in addition to always keeping the premises ventilated.

Do not use recirculation equipment or AHUs

Biocool does not recirculate air – it completely renews it up to 20 times an hour to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of guidance issued recommended that social distancing take place in order to avoid contracting the virus. We also adopted increased hygiene for ourselves and surfaces in order to increase protection.

Are microdroplets a threat?

A recent study from Japanese experts in infectious disease affirms that there is a route of contagion through "microdroplets" which could see transmission spread through speech – even at a distance of two metres.

Experts carried out a test using cameras and high-perception rays, a technology that made it possible to detect microscopic-sized droplets.

In the test, it was observed that, in a place without ventilation, coughing, sneezing and even speech emit micro-droplets necessary for the contagion of COVID-19 up to 20 minutes in the atmosphere.

From this, it was concluded that (although it has not been confirmed as official guidance) a new way to transmit the infection of COVID-19 could be when in a closed space without ventilation. If a cloud of micro-droplets is present in the room from sneezing, coughing or conversations, then Biocool can considerably reduce this level in under an hour.

Why isn’t air-conditioning alone good enough?

As mentioned, Biocool keeps the air in spaces ventilated 100% of the time. Traditional air-conditioning just recycles the existing air and doesn’t supply ventilation. Likewise, its main focus is to regulate the temperature in a room, not to control humidity or rid the space of particles, dust, micro-organisms and odours.

It’s also a lot more costly to run air-conditioners, while evaporative cooling uses 80% less energy.

What other protection is there?

As part of our wider range, we can also provide sanitation systems to further prevent the spread of COVID-19.

How airborne particles and droplets spread

As the pandemic has grown, we have heard a lot about the power of air purifiers, humidifiers, ozone generators and other technology.

Biocool has always incorporated these key functions into our bioclimatisation equipment:

  • Air humidifier – Biocool cools and humidifies buildings

  • Air purifier Biocool allows the interior air to be renewed, introducing 100% clean and healthy air

  • Ozone generator – Biocool incorporates an ozonation process to ensure an environment free of microorganisms

In addition to the above, our products benefit from Antimicrobial Ozone Technology, which keeps the product itself clean and clear of anything dangerous.

It eliminates a wide variety of microorganisms, viruses and bacteria by oxidising the membrane lipids and cell walls, causing their mechanical destruction. It acts as a bactericide, virulicide, fungicide and sporicide, as well as a disinfectant for any bacteria.

Anitmicrobial Biocool technology

Want to learn more about evaporative cooling and how you can incorporate it into your building’s COVID-19 prevention strategy? Get in touch using the form below or view our range of Biocool products here.

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