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Evaporative cooling benefits: Your 10-minute guide

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Evaporative coolers are changing the way people think about climate control. For decades, air-conditioners have been the go-to method for keeping a space at a cool and comfortable temperature. Here we explore why evaporative cooling is becoming more widely used as the world starts to understand the breadth of benefits –financial, environmental and performance.

We are all familiar with pressing a button to turn on the air-conditioning and waiting for it to cool our surroundings – but does it really achieve what we need it to do?

Achieving comfortable temperatures in a variety of different settings and environments is much more complex than simply fitting some units. We have to study and analyse the characteristics of installations before putting a solution in place – the application, the space itself, the size, the building – there are lots of considerations to think about before putting a cooling solution in place.

And evaporative cooling wins over traditional air-conditioning every time. These units provide a game-changing, healthier alternative to conventional approaches. Let’s explore what makes this technology so great…

Evaporative cooling is better for the environment

Evaporative cooling is a highly economical cooling method, but also healthy and good for the environment. Biocool’s evaporative air cooling systems deliver 100% air renewal, improving air quality within the indoor environment.

It uses 80% less energy consumption compared to traditional air-conditioning, which means clean filtered air, free from odours, fumes and gases for a fraction of the cost. Evaporative cooling also does not use coolant gases like CFCs or similar, since it functions using natural water, which it returns to the atmosphere as vapour and dehumidifies accordingly.

Evaporative cooling keeps people healthier

Because of the way that fresh air is brought into the building, evaporative cooling allows occupants to breathe fresh and renewed air with a balanced humidity level. This is important because changes in temperature and humidity can create dry atmospheres and health complications.

In particular, regular air-conditioning can damage respiratory mucous membranes or cause skin dehydration, eczema, rhinitis or conjunctivitis, among other ailments.

Evaporative cooling is cheaper to run

The units are highly competitive both in capital outlay and purchase, and in running and maintenance costs – especially when compared to an equivalent air-conditioning unit that uses a compressor.

The running costs of evaporative air handling units are similar to those of a fan. Their installation cost is low, since they only need a water source and electrical power supply without any complementary installation.

Plus, since the units have very few moving parts, the probability of failures occurring is much lower.

Evaporative cooling makes your business look good

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been important, but now more than ever, environmental management plays a key role in how your business is perceived and how people interact with it.

By introducing more eco-friendly technology and processes into your day-to-day, such as evaporative cooling, you can benefit from:

  • An increase in business profitability and competitiveness

  • Savings in energy consumption, and therefore improved profit

  • Good public image, aligning the public’s perception of the company with positive values

  • A differential advantage to competitors

  • Increase in satisfaction of employees and their comfortable working environment

  • Contribution to and encouragement of comprehensive benefits for the environment, nature and the planet

Biocool power at a glance

Huge energy savings can be made through evaporative cooling, and while the only way to truly experience the extent of it is to introduce the units into your building, there have been extensive studies conducted in the U.S. which helps to put the technology’s power into context.

Evaporative cooling has been used for over 50 years in the U.S. In the southern part of the country alone, 4 million evaporative coolers have been installed in homes. This equates to approximate savings of 11.8 million barrels of oil annually and 3 billion kilos of carbon dioxide emissions, in comparison with equivalent compressor air systems.

And this is only scratching the surface – if we take into consideration the savings provided by the use of evaporative coolers in industry, trade, agriculture and livestock farming, which were not evaluated in the report, then the positive impact is even greater.

How does Biocool compare

Air-conditioning units have been favoured in the past largely due to the lack of understanding around evaporative air cooling systems.

Evaporative cooling is an example of effective non-polluting technology that offers numerous advantages over compressor air-conditioning. We have already highlighted that it consumes 80% less energy, and is comparably closer to a fan in terms of electricity use. It also doesn’t use coolant gases like traditional air-conditioning units do – which helps to eliminate any harm caused to the atmosphere.

Where air-conditioning units are known to dry out the atmosphere in a space, evaporative cooling technology helps to maintain optimal humidity levels. The main disadvantage or limitation of evaporative cooling is that you cannot always demand a specific temperature as you can do with air-conditioning, since it is always dependent on outdoor air conditions, which vary constantly.

However, in 90% of cases, comfortable conditions can be obtained with minimal energy consumption.

Why choose Biocool?

Biocool evaporative cooling solutions are held in high regard in the air cooler market. Our team of professionals have decades of expertise in air units for homes and businesses. We understand the nuances needed for different applications and place this knowledge directly in our customers' hands, ensuring they get the solution that’s most effective for what they need.

Biocool materials breakdown

These systems let you eliminate fumes and odours, obtain new, fresh, filtered air, and have constant ventilation in your warehouse, plant or company.

Our experience developing ecological and healthy innovations for energy use has enabled us to become leaders in our field. We bring the highest spec technology that’s driven by protecting the environment.

To find out more about what evaporative cooling can do for you, use the form below or explore our full product range.

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