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Laundry dryer or dehumidifier

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Did you know that dehumidifiers can be much more efficient for laundry drying than a normal tumble dryer?

Drying laundry with one or several regular clothes driers (tumble dryers) is very energy intensive. To save energy, laundry can be dried outside in the fresh air during the summer. But what to do in bad weather or in winter? This short article describes how a drying room that is equipped with a laundry dehumidifier can help you dry your clothes in a reliable, environmentally friendly and very energy-efficient manner.

Gentler drying that prolongs clothing life

Laundry dryers use heat pumps with energy recovery and therefore outperform traditional tumble dryers in a number of ways:

  • No sorting required – hang up any type of washing on a line in your drying room (including sensitive textiles such as cashmere and silk)
  • No wear and tear – unlike tumble dryers this drying process is gentle to textiles
  • No stiff fabric – your laundry will feel soft and smooth when dried
  • No room moisture – protects buildings from humidity damage while drying
  • No energy waste – all energy used to dry laundry is reused for room heating

In other words, your laundry will feel as if it has been dried in the fresh air and be nearly crease-free. This is an extremely gentle method to dry clothes because your laundry will not suffer abrasion as it does when dried in a tumble-dryer.

This means that textiles which cannot be dried in a tumble-dryer, ranging from cashmere to silk, can also be dried in this way. In addition, the Dantherm dehumidifier clothes dryer also keeps the drying room free from humidity long-term. Any pre-existing humidity in the walls or items stored there is also removed. Mould and bacteria cannot grow, thereby avoiding damage to property and health.

Have no suitable drying room for a stationary dehumidifier clothes dryer?

Aerial mobile dehumidifiers are also ideal for drying clothes,

e.g. when attached to drying racks in your living space.

Leading drying technology

Here at Aerial, we have been developing leading drying solutions for professionals in numerous industries for decades. Our laundry dryers are based on that and therefore contain our eDRY® technology that allows you to see and set humidity, choose your preferred operation mode (space drying, laundry drying, turbo-drying or auto). Moreover, with their Blue-Dry® technology, the units have been designed specifically with energy-optimised operation in mind – even at low humidity and temperatures.

For information about laundry dryers, dehumidification and climate control in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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