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Heylo axial ventilator ComPact 1500 EX
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Axial ventilator explosion-proof

Portable ventilator for explosive environments for safe and fast extraction of hazardous gases. For use during repair and maintenance work on tank installations.

Heylo FD 4000 - axial ventilator
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Axial ventilator with an air flow rate of 3687m³/h

Surface ventilator with 6 functions in one unit. Axial fan for ventilating and quickly drying rooms and wall surfaces after water damage.

Heylo axial ventilator PV 1500
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Axial ventilator with an air flow rate of 1162m³/h

Compact axial ventilator for ventilation in shafts, on construction sites and for drying cavities.

Heylo ventilator PV 3000
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Axial ventilator for ventilation and drying

Versatile, powerful ventilators for drying and ventilating construction sites, tunnels and rooms.

Heylo axial ventilator PV 6000
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Axial ventilator with high pressure

High-performance ventilator with an air output of 5,410m³/h. Quick drying and airing. Also for dust removal and air purification.

Heylo axial ventilator PV 12000
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High performance blower for fast drying

Powerful fan with an air output of 10,550m³/h for quick drying and ventilation of large objects such as buildings, shafts and tunnels.

Heylo axial ventilator PV 1500 Z1
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Axial ventilator for hazard zone 3

The combination of ventilator and earthed hose canister is the ideal solution for the ventilation of hazardous areas such as petrol stations.

Heylo axial ventilator PV 4200 EX
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Axial ventilator explosion-proof

Explosion-proof ventilator with an air flow rate of 2093m³/h. Safe and quick extraction of dangerous gases. Low energy consumption.

Heylo TD 300 - radial ventilator
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Radial ventilator with an air flow rate of 437m³/h

Ventilator for cavity drying, carpet drying and for water damage restoration. Targeted ventilation can be set up in different positions.

Heylo radial ventilator TD 2400 incl. adapter
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Centrifugal fan with an air output of 1860m³/h

Radial fan for use in cavity drying, carpet drying and water damage restoration. Targeted drying by connecting hoses.

Why choose ventilation units?

Good air quality is crucial to a comfortable, healthy environment. Contaminated air with high levels of pollution and particles can irritate allergies, lower productivity and can even place peoples’ health and safety at risk.

When polluted indoor air can cause avoidable discomfort, our commercial ventilation units are specially designed to deliver consistent air circulation for practically every application.

Whatever your ventilation needs, you can be sure you’ll find a fitting solution in our selection of products, from professional fans, destratifiers and floor dryers, to heavy-duty air handling units.

Powerful, targeted fans not only help provide fresh air and offer direct, immediate cooling. They also significantly speed up the process of drying walls during construction or water damage restoration projects.

Axial ventilators can also greatly reduce drying times and offer much-needed ventilation in hazardous areas, such as waterworks, sewers, tunnels and canals to protect the safety of people in potentially dangerous working environments. Additionally, we can also supply explosion-proof units to manage fume extraction of volatile gases.

Residential ventilation is increasingly relied upon across Europe to provide fresh air within air-tight homes in an energy-efficient way. We achieve this using mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) technology across our range of residential solutions.

MVHR systems use extraction systems to pump out stale air and renew the indoor atmosphere with clean outdoor air. However before it is completely exhausted, a heat exchanger transfers the warmth leaving the property to the fresh air coming in, helping to keep buildings at a consistent temperature with no additional energy spend.

Our heat recovery units employ reliable, efficient extractor fan motors to maintain healthy, comfortable atmospheres with minimal energy consumption.

Furthermore, our powerful range of fixed air handling units go beyond the remit of many commercial ventilation systems. Air quality, humidity and temperature can be kept under control in several unique environments, including indoor swimming pools, leisure centres and pharmaceutical factories.

With decades of combined experience in industrial ventilation systems, modern manufacturing facilities and a robust support network, you can always trust Dantherm Group to advise on the safest and most suitable system for your requirements.

Get in touch today to learn more about our market-leading range of industrial ventilation solutions.

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