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Heylo infrared heat panel IRW 200
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Infrared heating plate with heating power of 220W

Infrared heat panels quickly and gently eliminate water and moisture damage through infrared heating. The moisture from the masonry is dried by the heating panel with pinpoint accuracy.

Heylo infrared heat panel IRW 500 PRO
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Infrared heating plate with heating power of 525W

Infrared heat panels quickly and gently eliminate water and moisture damage through infrared heating. The moisture from the masonry is dried by the heating panel with pinpoint accuracy.

Why choose commercial heaters?

Warm air is not just a requirement throughout spaces in cold environments. Commercial and industrial heating can be an asset for a wide variety of applications all year round. Whether it's drying wet paint or plaster on construction sites, keeping equipment at the optimal temperature in warehouses, or warming occupants in tents, commercial heating is key across many sectors.

To best suit the massive variety of scenarios that benefit from space heaters, we offer a range of different heating units, each of which delivers warm air in a way that suits their intended environment.

  • Oil heaters use combustibles directly or indirectly to generate vast heat output
  • Commercial fan heaters use electricity to efficiently deliver a stream of warm air
  • Electric heaters offer precise temperature control
  • Infrared heaters use fuels or electricity to generate radiant heat energy

To further suit their numerous use cases, many of these heaters come in two form factors – fixed and portable.

  • For more permanent fixtures, a fixed solution will permanently reside in a single location free-standing, wall-mounted or fixed to the ceiling
  • In environments where the heating needs are constantly in flux, portable heaters can be positioned when and where they are needed

All different types of commercial heating solutions vary not only in how they work and where they are best suited, but also in the roles they perform. Because of this, there is no single most cost-effective heater to use, as the economy of a system depends on many factors, including:

  • What setting a heater is used in
  • Size of the space a heater must warm
  • Climate and weather conditions a system has to work against
  • Role of the unit in use
  • Where a device is positioned
  • The cost of fuel or electricity at the time

While an infrared heater may be very cost-effective to run, for example, it may not be able to heat everyone in a room. Conversely, while an oil fired heater is exceptionally good at heating entire spaces, using it to spot dry paint on a single surface may be an uneconomical use of the device.

To realise the best returns and greatest efficiency, it is important to carefully choose the right type of industrial heater.

Oil heaters are ideally suited to construction sites. This is because these space heaters use combustibles that are often already available on-site to deliver a vast amount of warm air inside or out, depending on whether a direct or indirect system is used.

Electric fan heaters can help heat enclosed spaces, such as rooms and small shops. This technology is highly portable and easy to set up, requiring only an electrical connection to produce consistent streams of clean, fume-free warm air.

Electric heaters can aid with pest control as these devices allow professionals to gradually increase heat output and neutralise bugs without damaging furnishings within buildings and other commercial spaces.

Infrared heaters are incredibly efficient machines and are ideally suited to spaces such as garages and warehouses. This is because the heating elements within these units provide radiant heat without moving the air, as well as light.

Our Master brand is also leading the way in eco-friendly BioFuel heaters, harnessing the 100% renewable power of BioFuel HVO 100 to make our heating systems cleaner, greener and better for the planet.

To learn more about our full range of commercial heaters, where they are optimally suited,
as well as which one is most appropriate to your scenario, speak with our experts today.

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