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Dantherm CD 15
Dantherm CD 15

CD 15

Wall-mounted dehumidifiers

The CD 15 is compact, lightweight, robust and quiet. Powerful and highly efficient it is a great versatile solution for various dehumidification challenges.

Fitted with a bracket for fast and simple wall mounting it's ideally suited for application in water management facilities, car storage, preservation, museums, archives, cellars, small commercial applications, and domestic use.


Key features

  • Built into a strong and brushed stainless steel cabinet
  • Built-in hygrostat
  • Operating hour counter
  • Easy accessible air filters from front cover
  • Reciprocating compressor
  • F-gas directive compliant
  • Energy efficient axial fan
  • Electronic control and user-friendly display panel
  • Active, demand-controlled defrosting
  • Automatic pump-out with overflow protection
  • Wall bracket included

Electronic control

The CD 15 has a built-in hygrostat and is fully automatic with electronic control.

  • LED for "Pump error"
  • LED for "Temperature warning
  • LED for Relative humidity OK"

The product is serially equipped with an automatic pump-out with overflow protection.


Active, demand-controlled defrosting is incorporated in the electronic control. A sensor on the evaporator coil ensures that the evaporator is only defrosted when required. The evaporator coil is defrosted by means of hot refrigerant bypassing the condenser and being fed through the evaporator.

Product specifications

Operating temperature range


Operating humidity range

% RH

Dehumidification @ 30°C/80% RH


Dehumidification @ 20°C/60% RH


Air flow


Power supply


Max. power consumption


Sound pressure level @ 1m




Product size (w x d x h)

330 x 280 x 490



Accessories and consumables

Aerial Drain hose 5501 0006
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Product code: 490100

Accessory for CD 15

Aerial Spare filter 5107 0001
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Product code: 490146

Accessory for CD 15

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