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Master MAS 13 – air scrubber
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Air scrubbers

The portable MAS 13 air scrubber removes particles and gases from your working area. Max. air flow: 1,300m³/h.

Why choose air cleaning units?

Air purification is an efficient and cost-effective technology that extracts dusts, pollutants and contaminants in the air and creates healthy, comfortable building conditions without heat loss. This makes our commercial air cleaning units suitable for a wide range of applications and environments, including hospitals, schools, commercial workplaces, retail and supermarkets, restaurants and construction sites. These systems are quick and easy to install and many do not require ducting or ventilation.

Our air cleaning solutions range includes air cleaners, air purifiers, dust control systems, direct dust extractors, air scrubbers and evaporative coolers.

Many pathogens are typically found in indoor air, mould spores, bacteria, dust allergens, mineral fibres, chemicals and therefore pose health risks to those who work, live, shop or study indoors.

High-performance air cleaning units work to draw stale air and harmful airborne particles through a variety of filters. A pre-filter removes dust, a HEPA filter removes additional dust and small particles, while bad odours are eliminated with active carbon filters. In combination, these improve indoor air quality and create comfortable, safer settings.

Commercial air cleaning solutions are particularly important for businesses or organisations where a higher emphasis on health and safety is placed, such as construction sites or hospitals. Poor air quality can also notably affect small children and people who suffer from respiratory issues and allergies. When used correctly, air cleaning units can create a space that is virtually free of pathogens.

The powerful technology can also prevent respiratory irritants, decrease the risk of illnesses spreading and reduce the risk of mould growing in buildings. Discover our range of commercial air cleaning solutions and products today.

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