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Aerial AMH 100
Aerial AMH 100

AMH 100

Air purifiers

The AMH 100 air purifier is a high-performance blower with a circulating performance of 1,600m³/h. The unit offers a variety of filtration solutions. It quickly and efficiently purifies the air in contaminated spaces and is ideally suited for construction and industry.


Key features

  • Case made of steel sheet, flux coated
  • Service-friendly construction
  • Rubber feet for installation on the floor or other flat surfaces
  • Easy to carry by handle
  • Powerful and energy saving radial fan
  • Hose connector for hose Ø200mm at air inlet and air outlet
  • Energy consumption is displayed via the calibrated, non-resettable, MID-compliant energy meter


  • On/Off-switch
  • Operation hour and energy counter (MID approved)

Different filters available

  • Pre-filter G4
  • Fine dust filter F9
  • HEPA-filter H13
  • HEPA-filter H14
  • Active carbon filter

Product specifications

Air flow


Operating temperature range


Operating humidity range

% RH

Power consumption


Power supply


Noise level


Power cord

4.5 with plug

Protection class


Product size (h x d x w)

420 x 390 x 580



Accessories and consumables

Aerial F9 Filter 5107 0050
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 5107-0050

Accessory for AMH 100

Aerial G4 filter 5107 0048
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 5107-0048

Accessory for AMH 100

Aerial H13 filter 5107 0049
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 5107-0049

Accessory for AMH 100

Aerial Active carbon filter 5107 0052
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 5107-0052

Accessory for AMH 100

Aerial H14 filter 5107 0053
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 5107-0053

Accessory for AMH 100

Aerial PVC flex tube Ø23cm 7 6m 6000 0006
Aerial Top Badge

Product code: 6000-0006

Accessory for AMH 100

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