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The benefits of dehumidification in ice rinks

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Ice rinks are very popular retreats, particularly during the winter. But, these environments can create humid atmospheres, leading to challenges preparing and operating these arenas across the year. Here, we outline how ice rinks throughout Russia are avoiding these problems with the help of Master dehumidifiers.

Ice skating. Hockey. Curling. These are beloved pastimes in countries worldwide, and none would be possible without ice rinks.

These arenas welcome thousands of participants and spectators throughout the year, especially in the winter, all with the aim of being entertained. Yet, before anyone can lace up their skates, the rinks must be professionally prepared.

In the past, this could be a problematic process. Due to the amount of water that must be frozen, this introduces a great deal of moisture into the air. This excessive humidity can impact the quality of the ice, the time it takes to prepare the rinks for use, and the overall atmosphere in these arenas.

However, by utilising Master dehumidifiers as part of their preparations, many ice rinks in Russia are overcoming these potential issues. Below we will explain why dehumidifiers are so effective in these environments, and why now is the time for this solution to become mainstream in arenas worldwide.

The effects of high humidity in ice rinks

Naturally in a setting that is grounded in ice, moisture is going to be a constant concern. When ice rinks are filled and frozen in time for the busiest months of the year, this will release a substantial amount of water into the air as evaporation.

If not dealt with effectively, this moisture can cause numerous problems in both the short and long term:

Problems with high humidity in ice rinks

In addition, when the ice rinks are being used regularly and are heavily populated, humidity levels can rise significantly if not kept at a controlled, comfortable level.

Excess water can condense on the roof of an arena and constantly drip down onto participants and spectators. Patches of soft ice can form on the rink, presenting a hazard to skaters. Fog can develop and affect people’s visibility.

Overall, this leads to poor customer experiences, which will hurt your business and your reputation. For this reason many ice rinks, including several of our customers in Russia, have begun to harness the power of dehumidification in these environments.

How dehumidification tackles high humidity

Dehumidifiers are designed to take moisture out of the atmosphere, ensuring the humidity within an environment remains at a consistent, secure level. In places like ice rinks that are full of moisture in the form of ice, their role becomes particularly crucial.

High-capacity portable dehumidifiers, such as the Master DH 92 and Master DH 792, will reliably keep the relative humidity (RH) in and around the ice rink at a suitable level. This avoids the problems outlined above, benefitting both the arena owners and anyone who uses these ice rinks.

Faster, better quality preparation

With the humidity levels under control and the atmosphere drier, it will take substantially less time for the ice to when preparing the ice rink. This can be a significant time-saver during this process, reducing the cost of preparations and allowing rinks to be opened to the public sooner.

In addition, this will also prevent any condensation from forming, and the ramifications this can have on how rough or uneven the surface of an ice rink is. This makes the rink safer for users and will lead to better quality performance for hockey players, curlers and ice skaters during competitions.

Reduced risk of water damage

Effective dehumidifiers will also help reduce the likelihood of condensation forming on the building structure surrounding indoor ice rinks. This is important as water damage can gradually cause substantial, costly damage to building materials, as well as potentially affect any equipment on-site.

By not allowing the humidity to reach excessive levels, this will better protect the building structure and minimise any risk of water damage. This will improve the safety of the building and reduce the chances of water damage causing any expensive, time-consuming repairs.

Better atmosphere for skaters and spectators

This will also support an overall better experience for those in attendance at the ice rink, whether they are directly participating in activities or simply watching along. Dehumidifiers will remove the risk of fog developing, which hurts the viewing experience and makes activities more dangerous.

Instead, humidity levels can instead be maintained at a level that is comfortable for those in attendance. This makes their experience more enjoyable, and improves the likelihood that an arena will receive repeat business.

Create drying rooms for clothing and equipment

Furthermore, dehumidification technology can also be applied away from the ice rink itself to create drying rooms. These are spaces in the building where wet clothes and equipment can be stored and, instead of remaining that way for long periods of time, will be gradually dried due to the dehumidifiers in this area.

Drying rooms are particularly applicable to ice rinks. As they are most popularly used in the winter, it is likely customers will arrive in damp clothing, be it due to rain, snow or ice. By storing these in a drying room, they can return to drier, more comfortable clothing once it is time to leave, improving their overall experience.

Why are Master dehumidifiers ideal for ice rinks?

We hope that has helped establish why dehumidifiers have an important role to play in both the preparation and continued usage of ice rinks, especially in the busy winter months. But that poses an important question – which dehumidifier is best suited for this job?

Numerous ice rinks in Russia are now relying on Master’s robust range of dehumidifiers to help ensure that they are properly prepared by the time winter arrives. Here are some of the reasons why our products are well-suited in these circumstances:

Continuous, timely support

One aspect that sets Master apart from the competition is the strength of our support network. We understand how important it is that our dehumidifiers are ready to perform when our customers need them. We pride ourselves in being able to manufacture our solutions rapidly, and be available if something goes wrong.

Master dehumidifier support

Broad range of climate control solutions

The Master selection of dehumidifiers include a number of portable, highly efficient dehumidifiers at a range of sizes and capacities, so customers can choose the best model for their requirements. These include:

  • DH 26 (12L/24h capacity, 20ºC/60% RH)

  • DH 44 (17L/24h capacity, 20ºC/60% RH)

  • DH 62 (20L/24h capacity, 20ºC/60% RH)

  • DH 92 (32L/24h capacity, 20ºC/60% RH)

  • DH 752 (20L/24h capacity, 20ºC/60% RH)

  • DH 792 (44L/24h capacity, 20ºC/60% RH)

Furthermore, as well as a choice of dehumidifiers, Master also produces a broad range of climate control solutions, including powerful, portable heaters.

Heaters can actively support dehumidifiers in preparing an ice rink for use. They can turn condensation into water vapour, allowing it to then be captured by the dehumidifier. This again can speed up the preparation process, and eliminate the risk of water condensation affecting the ice quality or the building structure.

Trusted technology at fair prices

Master is the most recognisable name for dehumidification in Russia and numerous other markets based on the quality and reliability of our products. Our solutions incorporate tried-and-tested technology designed to maximise performance and ease of use. For example, the DH 792:

Master DH 792 dehumidifier

This reputation has made the Master range the go-to choice for rental companies across Europe. Therefore if your organisation only requires a dehumidifier at specific times of the year, these companies will be well-placed to supply you with our trusted technology.

Discover the benefits of Master dehumidifiers today

Master’s extensive range of dehumidifiers can keep humidity levels under control in a broad number of environments, from ice rinks and other leisure facilities, to commercial and industrial applications.

To learn more about our products and the benefits they can bring to your organisation, get in touch with our experts using the form below.

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