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Heylo drain dye
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Tracer dye for building diagnostics and leakage detection

Water-soluble powder for flow and leak detection in drains and sewage systems and for finding leaks.

Heylo Digital mini – moisture meter protimeter
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Handy wood and building moisture meter

For quick moisture determination of various building materials such as masonry, dry walls, plaster and concrete.

Heylo Aquant – moisture meter protimeter
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Humidity meter for testing relative humidity

Moisture measurement of building materials and components using the capacitive measurement method.

Heylo Balemaster – moisture meter protimeter
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Moisture meter for hay and straw bales

Digital moisture meter for agriculture for hay and straw bales. Robust moisture probe made of stainless steel. Measuring depth 60cm.

Heylo CCM-Set ECO – moisture measuring device
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High-quality complete set in tool box

Building moisture meter CCM-Set ECO dig for determining the moisture content of screeds up to 10 mass % /20g.

Heylo HFM 200 – moisture meter measurement technology
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Moisture meter with ball probe

Moisture meter with ball probe for building moisture. Non-destructive moisture measurement for tiles, organic building materials and wood.

Heylo MMS 2 – 4-in-1 moisture meter protimeter
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Material moisture and indoor climate

Moisture meter 4-in-1 with Quikstick 0-100%. Measure material moisture and room climate and diagnose moisture in one device.

Heylo Hygromaster 2 – moisture meter thermo hygrometer
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Thermo-hygrometer with LCD display and Quikstick sensor

Measurement of the relative humidity, air temperature and surface temperature of materials. Contactless IR temperature measurement.

Heylo Grainmaster – moisture meter protimeter
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Measuring device for crop moisture and temperature

Measuring device for moisture and temperature in grain. With grinder for quick, easy measurement of moisture in milled samples.

Heylo Surveymaster – moisture meter protimeter
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Multifunctional measuring device for material moisture

Measuring device for measuring material moisture. Pin measuring head with cable for hard-to-reach places. Depth measurement.