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Air purifiers for allergy sufferers

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Every fifth person in Central Europe suffers from allergies. One of the most common allergies, along with house dust allergy, respiratory diseases and asthma, is hay fever. Air purifiers can significantly improve the air quality for allergy sufferers.

Hay fever is an allergic reaction. Pollen and pollen dust are the most common allergy triggers. This is why most allergy sufferers have hay fever in spring and summer, when the air is full of pollen. The body is normally protected against these foreign substances by a highly effective immune system.

The skin and our mucous membranes form a first barrier against intruders in the area of the eyes and airways. In the case of hay fever, this is exactly where the allergic reactions appear. If the foreign substances then enter the bloodstream, the immune system releases messenger substances. Excessive amounts of substances such as histamines are then produced, which can then lead to inflammatory reactions. In spring and summer, the concentration of pollen and pollen dusts is also much higher indoors than during the rest of the year. The foreign bodies get in when we ventilate, or are carried into the home with our clothes, shoes and hair.

Using effective HEPA air purifiers can significantly improve indoor air quality for allergy sufferers by filtering out pollen and pollen dust.

Air purifiers prevent hay fever allergies! Pollen and pollen dust entering indoor spaces from outside, especially in spring and summer, are small and light, and therefore move as airborne particles in the indoor air. Efficient HEPA air purifiers filter these particles before they can be inhaled by humans. An air purifier significantly reduces indoor pollution, providing temporary relief for people with allergies while they are indoors. The prerequisite is that the air purifier is effective, i.e. that the filter inserts used in particular comply with European standards and are changed regularly.

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