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No disinfection is complete without air cleaning

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Achieving the most complete clean of a room or space goes beyond the surfaces and fixtures within it. Find out why disinfecting the air is equally important to protecting the health and wellbeing of people in the area and creating the most comfortable environment possible.

When we imagine an area has been disinfected, our thoughts will naturally take us to the thorough, rigorous cleaning of every surface, whether this is achieved through heaters or chemicals.

What doesn’t leap immediately to mind is the cleanliness of the air within that space. Yet, this atmosphere may contain miniscule, dangerous particles that threaten the health and wellbeing of those in it.

Here, we’ll explain why no disinfection job is complete without addressing the air quality, and how this is accomplished by Aerial’s efficient air filtration units.

The dangers of airborne infections

Even air that looks completely clean and bare can house thousands and thousands of microscopic particles – viruses, bacteria, fungi, pollen, and plant/animal debris. These particles are little more than a few microns in size, with viruses ranging anywhere from 10-300 nanometers.

In fact, research suggests that, with any breath you take in an indoor environment, you could be inhaling around a thousand particles. Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers indoor air to typically be 2-5 times more polluted than the air outdoors.

Now, the vast majority of these particles are absolutely harmless to inhale. Nevertheless, a small selection of these could be problematic, especially in environments that are considered contagious or someone in the environment has a respiratory, airborne disease.

When someone coughs or sneezes, most of the germs expelled will land on nearby surfaces. However, a percentage of these can linger in the air for hours, particularly if the air is stagnant. Unfortunately, this includes the COVID-19 virus, which research claims can survive up to 3 hours post-aerosolisation.

This is just one pertinent example of how viruses, bacteria and other particles in the air can endanger the health and wellbeing of those in the vicinity, increasing the risk of:

  • Catching airborne illnesses

  • Agitating allergy symptoms

  • Encouraging fatigue, headaches and further issues

This means that ensuring a room is clean and free of any contaminants goes a lot further than scrubbing surfaces and dispelling waste - it is equally as important that the air is purified with the same attention to detail.

How an air scrubber unit works

In order to best fulfil this obligation, it is highly recommended that an air scrubber or purifier unit is employed during any cleaning and disinfection job.

An air scrubber is specially designed to target any pollution or contaminants in the air and replace these with fresh, purified air instead. It operates by sucking in the air within the room, passing it through multiple fine filters that capture any dust, debris and other particles lingering, and releases clean air out of its exhaust.

The Aerial AMH 100’s powerful fan for instance has a circulation rate of 1,600m³/h, enabling it to rapidly convert dirty, stale and polluted air into a much cleaner, safer version. This helps to vastly reduce the presence of any bacteria, viruses or other potentially harmful particles in the air, creating a cleaner environment and protecting the wellbeing of people in the area.

This all happens without the need to spread airborne chemicals or air fresheners, making the air scrubber a more environmentally-friendly cleaning method. Plus, a good model will not consume a lot of energy in fulfilling this responsibility and be effortlessly easy to operate and maintain.

The benefits of disinfecting the air

  • Airborne germs and contaminants hanging around in the air are sucked in, filtered and eliminated, helping to protect inhabitants from disease

  • Greatly reduced risk of people experiencing allergy symptoms in these disinfected rooms

  • HVAC systems are less likely to become clogged with dust and other dirt particles from the air, increasing their effectiveness and extending their lifespans

  • Air feels lighter and fresher, creating a more comforting, welcoming environment for those in the vicinity

  • If the disinfected room in question is a bedroom, cleaner, purer air will encourage better sleep

Harness Aerial for the ultimate clean

Fundamentally, a room is not properly cleaned or disinfected unless the air is given the same level of attention as the surfaces and fixtures within it. If left untreated, the air can remain a viable threat to those in the vicinity, as well as contributing to a more uncomfortable environment overall.

For the most thorough clean in all aspects, Aerial air purifiers are the go-to solution. These high-performance, low-energy units are ideal for creating environments where the air is free of dust and suspended particles, making them safer and more pleasant spaces for everyone.

  • Can incorporate a range of optional filters for the most complete, targeted air cleaning

  • Powerful, energy-saving radial fan for minimal energy consumption

  • Durable, high-quality construction

  • Easy to transport thanks to a carrying handle and low weight, with rubber feet to protect delicate surfaces

  • Operating hours counter

  • Option to include an active charcoal filter, which combats bad odours

To ensure the most comprehensive clean at all times, get in touch with our professionals about acquiring your own Aerial AMH 100 air purifier.

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